11402976_1086511144716564_8582037920348427415_nIt’s ok ladies and gentlemen, the lack of updates haven’t been due to an untimely festival-based death due to partying too hard! I got back from Infest Festival and survived (just about.) What a hell of a weekend it was too! As a disclaimer, I went into this event mainly blind, I only knew a handful of the bands that were playing, despite the fact I’d discover I actually knew a lot more than I thought as the weekend transpired. For those of you that have no idea what Infest is, or if you didn’t read one of my earlier posts, here’s a run-down on what it’s all about (although if you do, then feel free to skip the next paragraph)…

Every August bank holiday weekend, The University of Bradford is taken over by a bunch of Goths (lots of them, actually!) The Uni halls become packed out as accommodation, and the student union bar becomes to main venue where the various industrial/EBM/Dark electro/etc bands and artists play. The result? A three day party filled with raving, dancing, boozing and debauchery.

This year was no exception to the usual awesomeness.

After a brief bit of panicking at Birmingham New Street Station when getting our train tickets sorted, a few of my friends and I boarded the train (only just) at 11:03 to Leeds, where we swapped trains, and eventually reached Bradford Interchange. By the time we got to the university, and nabbed our precious fobs/keys for our rooms, it was nearing 2pm. A few of our comrades were already there, when we reached our halls at the Humblot block, so what better to do than get the party started, albeit slowly, as there were so few of us (although the company was still wonderful.) As more of the group arrived, the more rousing the atmosphere became. I do admit, it was a tad overwhelming for me at first, as I can be slow to adapt to social situations, but I very quickly got into the swing of things. After much chatting to friends old and new, we departed to the venue for the first bands of the weekend.

Infest 2015 001CTRL ALT DEL opening the festival in style

CTRL ALT DEL had the honour of opening the festival, and I honestly think they were a brilliant choice to start the festivities with. They delivered a set filled with high energy, and managed to get the room moving. An impressive feat, considering how far some had to travel to get there. If I had to relate them to anything, I’d say it’s The Prodigy meets drum and bass, with an Industrial flair. The only downside was, perhaps the tracks were a tad repetitive at times, but they were so much fun, that any negativity feels like nit-picking [5/5].

Up next were D-K-A-G, who delivered a hard set of pounding industrial beats. It did seem to start a tad slower than the previous band, plus it wasn’t quite as energetic, but it was still pretty damn good. Very entertaining stuff [4/5].

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with Cocksure. I do admit, it was an interesting mix, with electronic soundscapes, complimented by backing guitar, but the vocal style didn’t fit with it. I do see the appeal, nevertheless, it didn’t resonate with me, so I left after a few songs.

The first headliner, Empirion, took to the stage at about 11pm. I did feel the pace was a bit too steady to start out with (the first track alone was 15 minutes long), but the atmosphere was absolutely voltaic. When everything really kicked in, however, it was absolutely euphoric. I’d definitely say it was the proper way to build-up to something so epic, they put on an absolutely storming set! Plus, I did end up recognising “Narcotic Influence” from my nights spent dancing at Eddies in Birmingham (such an epic tune!) Overall, a superb end to the first night [5/5].

Infest 2015 008Empirion closing the main stage on Friday

It would’ve been rude to not partake in the official after-party at the venue, so I stayed there until it ended at 3am. I’d try and write a better review on it, but my memories of it are hazy, due to booze and tiredness during that night. All I remember was, it was definitely a blast, plus I made some awesome new friends. With that, I called it a night. I was far too tired to venture to any of the after-parties in any of the other blocks, so plodded my way back to Humblot block and retired for the night.

Tune in tomorrow, for part 2 of the Infest (mis)adventures….


Infest 2015 006An interesting (and accurate) PSA from the Infest staff…