In case you missed it, you can catch part one of my Infest Adventures right here.

So, I meant to post this yesterday…. oops. Apologies for the lateness folks, I was pretty busy, and didn’t get a chance to update. Anyway, onwards to the tale of Infest day 2…

The second day of Infest started off with me feeling slightly rough, so when I woke up at the crack of noon, I really didn’t feel up to seeing any of the bands (even though they didn’t start until 4pm… don’t judge me.) It appears that a lot of the Brummie group felt the same way, as most of us hung out in the small garden area at the back of the halls. The weather wasn’t actually too bad either, despite being slightly cloudy, but what else do you expect from a British summer? One of our friends had the genius idea of having a picnic at a small grassy hill behind the student union bar, so that’s what we went and did. It was actually nice to be a bit more laid back, amidst all the business of the event, even with us lot pratting-around, and blasting out our industrial tunes. I have a feeling, and hope, that this becomes an annual event at Infest. 4pm neared, and we decided to head back and get ready for the day ahead.

Infest 2015 012 Chant, drumming up a storm on the Saturday

We ended up having so much fun socialising, and spending so much time waiting, that we missed AlterRed and Ethan Fawkes‘ sets. It was fun to spend quality time with mates though, so it was definitely all worth it.

The first band we caught, were Chant, a side project of Die Krupps‘ drummer, Bradley Bills. It was extremely interesting to see a drummer take centre-stage, let alone have another drummer, who also alternated between keyboards and guitar. I really admired the technical skill at work here. The result was an extremely tight tribal sound, that also felt militant at times. One thing is for sure, it was certainly a fantastic show, and it was too good to not dance to [5/5].

I chose to skip L’ame Immortelle, as the controversial Thomas Rainer is involved in the project. I’d rant about him, but that’s a whole separate blog post in itself! I’m also not sure if I caught Klangstabil, which I’m quite gutted about really. A lot of alcohol had been consumed at this point, might I add!

However, no amount of booze was going to make me forget the show mind.in.a.box put on. I’d been waiting for about three years to see them, and they really did not disappoint. It was an epic mix of sound, complimented by visuals that highlighted the story of the band’s concept. The flow of the set did seem a little odd, with it slowing right down with softer moments every few songs, but the atmosphere was too spellbinding for it to hinder it. In fact, the entire show was a superb experience, and if you haven’t seen them before, I highly recommend it! [5/5]

Infest 2015 020mind.in.a.box, during their epic headlining set

Another official after-party later, and I decided that tonight was the time to hit the after-parties in the halls. The thing about these after-parties, is that whoever holds them usually goes all-out. This year, that tradition continued. Outside, a huge group of happy Goths socialised and chatted the night away, whilst in the halls themselves, music blasted out, and lights flooded out the windows, even putting Blackpool illuminations to shame. We’re talking professional level speakers, full-on DJ decks and proper light rigs here too! No stones are left unturned here. Needless to say, it was absolutely epic (with the exception of an awesome sounding dance track starting at one point, only to find it was a bloody remix of “Let it Go”… I’m sick of that damn’ song!) Perhaps too epic for me though, as I ended up leaving about 5am, which is actually pretty early by Infest standards, but after overdoing in whilst after-partying last year, I wasn’t taking any risks. I stumbled back to my room, and poured myself into bed.

Tune in tomorrow, for the final part of the Infest Festival adventures!