So yeah, like I said, there would be no abridging of the tales from this event. I just had to talk about it in detail! Of course, I didn’t want to make it too long of a read, so split it in two. So, anyway, as I was saying…

M’era Luna/Goths on a Bus – August 11th-15th 2016 (continued…)

Day two arrived, Sunday. Thankfully, it was a bit of a later start, so it wasn’t to hard on us. After the previous night’s shenanigans, we relaxed for a bit, then ventured forth into the arena.


Rabia Sorda, really kicking things off on the Sunday!

First up, back at the hangar, we checked out Rabia Sorda. This is actually a side-project of Hocico, and I’m genuinely impressed at how well they owned the stage, after such an energetic set the night before. After an awesome intro, the set kicked off with “King of the Wasteland” and was a torrent of furious industrial rock. They blasted out tracks such as “Obey Me!”, “I’m Tragedy” and “Out of Control”, before ending with “Hotel Suicide”. It was a storming set! The next band were also playing in the hangar… and in fact, I pretty much stayed there the rest of the day. Centhron put on an absolutely brutal set of harsh EBM that got the entire room moving to the beat.


Centhron put on a brutal performance!

Next up, Zeromancer. Now, this is a band that I go waaay back with. It’s not necessarily a band I listen to all that much any more, but listening to it takes me back to the early days of dancing in the goth room at Eddies in Birmingham. Needless to say, the younger me was screaming with excitement on the inside! Overall, they were pretty good. Certainly not the strongest act of the weekend, but I’m still glad to have finally seen them. It was a joy to hear “Need You Like a Drug”, “Sinners International”, and the obvious (but just as epic) choice of closer, “Dr. Online”. Suicide Commando put on a fantastic set, and it was great to be dancing to some stompy EBM again. The presentation of the show was superb, and definitely one of the most visual sets of the entire weekend. Screens backed the music, with relevant (if sometimes grim) visuals. It was all part of the act though, and it made for a very prominent, very strong statement.


Sucide Commando’s set was pretty impressive

Now, I will admit, I’m usually easily impressed when it comes to seeing live bands and artists. For the most part, I do enjoy them quite a lot (although I do tend to go for the good ones, and could still easily reel off a big list of acts I’ve found mediocre.) However, I’m not exaggerating when I say the hangar stage headliners, IAMX, were incredible! All throughout, they had a massive presence, and delivered a magnificent set filled with an intense energy. It was an excellent mix of tracks old and new, that was non-stop brilliance all the way through. Honestly, they were, without a shadow of a doubt, the band of the weekend!


IAMX, easily one of the best live acts I have ever seen!

I missed Within Temptation, which in hindsight, I’m a bit gutted about, especially considering they were joined on stage by Tarja when they performed “What about us”. Bugger. It was an epic enough day as it was, and it got even more epic with intense after-partying all night! Well, most of it… let’s just say I overdid it, and it got a bit messy. This, of course, made the long trip home a bit hellish. However, it was the great company that truly got me through it.

I have to genuinely say that M’era Luna has to be one of the best experiences of my life, and hands-down the best festival I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere is incredible, the line-up was insanely good, and it’s the most organised, pleasant festival I’ve ever been to! This is why I could never do a UK camping festival again; M’era Luna completely runs circles around them, and puts them to shame. Travelling with the Goths on a Bus group was a brilliant decision too, it was great to hang out with such lovely people, and I can honestly say I made some great new friends this weekend. Thank you to everyone involved with Goths on a Bus, especially the organisers, you’re all truly amazing people!


Homeward bound!

All I can say is, if you’ve ever considered M’era Luna, then do it! It’ll be one of the best decisions you will ever make! If you’re from the UK, and decide to do so, check out Goths on a Bus on Facebook and their website, it’s worth every second and every penny!


[On a side-note, I did fully intend to write about some more of my 2016 adventures… but I’m looking at my calendar, and it’s somehow now March. When the hell did that happen?! Needless to say, its time to start living in the present, so this’ll be my last chapter of my “Memoirs of a Ginger” series. Thanks for reading it folks, I’ve got more awesome stuff on the way!]