So, apologies for the lack of updates (more on that later.) Hopefully, I’ll get my arse into gear, and shall get some articles on the go. For now, here’s some more Blurbs…

When it comes to music, I’ve felt pretty spoilt fairly recently. With so many promising albums dropping, and so many events popping up, I can barely keep track of it all! Most prominently, Industrial Metal powerhouse, 3teeth have dropped another new track, ‘Shutdown’, the title track off their upcoming album Shutdown.exe. As with the other tracks released so far, it’s filled with blistering, pounding metal, catchy synth hooks, all presented with an Industrial flair. It’s definitely very reminiscent of Industrial music of the 90’s, especially with the retro themed video to accompany it. You can check it out and rock out to it below. Probably my most anticipated album of the year, The Birthday Massacre‘s Under Your Spell, finally has a confirmed release date; 9th June. It’s a bit later than I’d hoped, but my hype levels remain insanely high all the same! Oh, and Gorillaz fifth album is out next week too, Humanz. Its been nearly 7 years since the last one, so I’m pretty damn excited, the tracks released so far are quite glorious.

3teeth’s mighty new track ‘Shutdown’

As for reviews on EoE, I have a couple planned. For starters, I intend to review the recently released record, Trauma:Ritual, from the EBM/Electro-Industrial trio [:SITD:]. Also, I saw a bunch of great bands last Saturday in London on the “Industrial Pop Tour”, hosted by Aesthetic Perfection. I plan to get the latter of these two done imminently, so stay tuned! Also, I’m hoping do another full play over on my YouTube channel, this time of Little Nightmares. The game launches next week, and its an interesting little indie platformer, with an emphasis on horror elements. I managed to have a quick blast on it at EGX last year, which piqued my interest enough to warrant a purchase. I certainly get some Tim Burton and contemporary horror vibes from it. Also, Prey releases on 5th May, and that is a definite must-buy from me, and will absolutely be getting the full play treatment! The sci-fi horror shooter is a far cry from the original, and the intended (now scrapped) sequel, but this reboot is looking extremely promising indeed. Seriously though, what is it with me and horror? Why do I put myself through so much torture?! Well, to be fair, it is awesome…


Now, one of the main reasons I’ve not blogged properly for a while comes in the form of Horizon: Zero Dawn. I really wanted to write a review on this one, but with all life things, events, etc, I haven’t had masses of time to blast through it. Its been out a fair while now, so it sadly feels too late to review it. I mean, the game itself is pretty huge, with almost everything done (I literally only have two trophies to get, plus I missed a few data logs) and the main story completed, I clocked a total of 63 hours on it. I can confirm that those 63 hours were more than worth it. This game not only met my high expectations, it passed them in many many ways. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that this is the best game on PlayStation 4, and is one you must own if you have the system. The open world is detailed, beautiful and a joy to explore, with well thought-out side quests and collectibles that actually grant rewards that are worth the effort. The story is brilliant, filled with twists and turns, with it becoming more fantastical, more epic than I could have ever imagined. It even has a pretty emotional impact at times too! It’s filled with memorable characters too, even if the acting comes across as a little wooden at times. I’d easily say that Aloy has become one of my favourite protagonists in gaming, her journey is fascinating to follow. The solid gameplay backs all this up, with smooth combat, fluid movement and RPG elements to really help make you more badass. Of course, the machines themselves are the star of the show here. Their designs are amazing, and the different tactics you have to apply to different creatures really keeps you on your toes. Overall, Horizon is, without a shadow of a doubt, a strong contender for game of the year. I even feel that its in the running as one of the games of this generation. Guerilla Games may have made a name for themselves with the Killzone series, but this is their crowning jewel. Horizon: Zero Dawn is what people will remember them for.