You know what? I have a feeling that some of my favourite bands are in the cahoots with each other, and are aware that it’s my birthday week this week. What makes me say this? Well, not only is Rammstein‘s long-awaited Paris DVD/Blu-Ray releasing on Friday, as well as The Birthday Massacre‘s already massive sounding seventh LP, Under Your Spell early next month (with us Pledge Music backers expecting our copies any day now), but now Muse have only gone and announced a new single is dropping this Thursday!

You may have remembered that I reported a few weeks back on an obsessive fan met them outside Air Studios in London, where the band had revealed that they had been working on new music, with one “heavy” song and two “not so heavy” tracks ready to be unleashed. The band have made it official that one of these new tracks is called ‘Dig Down’. To me this sounds likely to be the heavier of the three promised songs. This seems to be backed up with some behind the scenes videos from the band’s YouTube, that are clearly a behind the scenes look at the accompanying music video. These show a very 80’s vibe, with a slightly gritty aesthetic. However, things get more odd with images from the band’s Instagram account, whee they’re dressed up in bright blue suits, wearing massive 80’s style sunglasses. So, in reality, where this could go is anyone’s guess! Is it an EP? Is it going to be a steady stream of singles? Will there be much acoustic after all? We have to wait until Thursday to find out. For now, there’s talk of a synthwave style direction, and if any tracks from the Black Holes & Revelations era are anything to go by, it’s that Muse can definitely do electronic music well. Just please, don’t let it be another track in the style of The 2nd Law

Oh, and also out this Friday is 3teeth‘s hugely hyped second album, shutdown.exe. Yet another track of this release was unenvied last week, called ‘Away From Me’, and we have yet another stunning track for our ear-parts to enjoy. This one is much slower paced than the other tracks revealed so far, but is no less brutal or angsty. Heavy guitars and synths still blister throughout, and it retains the feel of early Industrial music that the scene remembers fondly. shutdown.exe is easily going to be the biggest things to happen in Industrial music this year, if not in years. I have a feeling that it’s an album that is going to be unmissable! Check out ‘Away From Me’ below…

As for other releases, Glitch Mode Recordings have recently released a compilation album, comprising of upcoming and recent tracks from their roster of artists, Viva Dystopia! So far, I’ve given Cyanotic‘s ‘Mainlining Tension’, which will feature of the upcoming Tech Noir. The track is an absolute best, and the band sounds as brutal and as danceable as ever! If you’re looking for a proper Industrial style track that truly encapsulates the raw sound of machinery, then this is the one for you. I admit, it does sound very familiar lyrically, but then it aligns perfectly with the dark themes of future dystopia that Cyanotic are recognised for. Also, I promised to review the latest [:SITD:] album, trauma: ritual, didn’t I? I shall do my best to get this one reviewed asap!

As for videogames, well.. I don’t want to talk too much about them, as the blog and my YouTube channel have been pretty active with my Full-Plays recently. In fact you can see the final part of my Little Nightmares series below. I really enjoyed this, even if it was a tad short, and it’s well worth the watch if you like creepy horror themed games, and platforming. Finally, the biggest event on the gaming calendar is just round the corner, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3.) I’m pretty tempted to write/vlog some predictions. We’ll see where this goes, but for now, there’s plenty to look forward to! Until next time…

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