Today is the day! The new Muse single ‘Dig Down’ has landed, and, well… it’s a bit meh. If you’ve heard ‘Madness’, you’ve pretty much heard this track, but imagine it with the energy and soul ripped out of it. It starts promising enough, with a heavy fast-paced sounding synth, which then continues to loop throughout pretty much the entirety of the track. A slow, lazy drum beat, plus the fact Matt Bellamy’s vocal delivery feels a tad dull, doesn’t help things either. Towards the end, there’s a solo section that is pure Muse, and truly shines, but is too short lived, and feels like a diamond in a pile of dirt. That’s not to say the track is outright terrible, it’s far from the trio’s worst, but it’s extremely dull. The track is below, if you have any desire to listen to it…

Oh look, Muse’s new song *yawn*

Bellamy has taken to Twitter to respond to fan questions, where he’s pretty much confirmed the terrifying truth that this track will be on album 8. There’s also promises that the new album will be “diverse.” The alarm bells are already ringing in my head that nothing good can come of this, especially with the parallels that bring vibes of The 2nd Law. In case you didn’t know, I utterly detested that album, to the point where I’d rather cut open my own ball-sacs with a sharp shard of glass, and rip out my own testicles, than listen to it again (perhaps except for Madness.) Still, he’s not exactly the most reliable source of information, and tends to exaggerate things a bit, so hopefully my man parts will be spared.

In much more positive news, 3teeth have started streaming their new album <shutdown.exe>, exclusively with British newspaper The Independent. Not only is it a surprise to hear it so early, but it’s great to see a band from the Industrial scene get such prolific promotion, directly in the public eye. Maybe people are right about these guys being the saviours of the scene? I’ve heard the first 12 minutes or so, but I refuse to go any further, as I want to save myself for release day, which is tomorrow! However, the first few tracks are extremely promising so far, truly engrossing you with a huge gritty, epic atmosphere. The guitars roar, and the synth is as distorted as ever. I even noticed that ‘Atrophy’ has gone through some additional mastering, to give it even more of a brutal, darker edge. Check it out at the link below, if you feel you’re ready for it! I’m pumped to hear this one!

Now, here’s something I haven’t talked about for a while; TV shows! So you know when shows run for too long, and end up jumping the shark? Well, now its Supernatural‘s turn! For those of you that don’t know, the show was intended to end on season 5, but it was dragged kicking and screaming onward, and has been going downhill ever since. I torture myself with it, only because I’m determined to finish it (if it ever ends), plus I still love the character and the actors. So, what is this jumping the shark I spoke of? We have confirmation that, in the upcoming season 13 there will be an animated episode where the Winchester brothers will cross paths with… Scooby Doo and the Scooby Gang. Nope, your eyes do not deceive you, this is true, it’s (sadly) not April 1st either! I honestly have no idea why or how the hell they decided on this, but it seems outright silly, too silly by even Supernatural standards. I remember when it used to be a serious show, when the stakes were higher. Sure, it’s always had some elements of humour in there, but if you’d told me of this kind of cross-over back in the day, I’d have laughed. It goes to show how the mighty have fallen. Of course, the quality of this show is a rant I’ll save for another day.


Ugh, just why guys?

Finally, in a tragic and serious piece of news, former lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell, was found dead last night in a Detroit hotel. It has been confirmed that he died from suicide by hanging. Hearing this actually makes my heart hurt, it’s such a shocking and sudden turn of events. Not only was he such a talented musician, with an incredibly unique vocal style, he seemed like a good man, and genuinely had a massive presence when on-stage. It’s heartbreaking that he’s gone, his absence from this world will definitely be a huge void. May he rest in peace.