It was around 2002 when I started listening to Lacuna Coil, during the Comalies era, and I never looked back! That was during the start of my college years; it’s been 16 years since then. Most importantly, 2018 also marks the band’s 20th anniversary (I can’t believe it’s been that long already, time really flies when you’re having fun!) To celebrate this momentous landmark in their history, Lacuna Coil hosted a one-off show at London’s O2 Forum in Kentish Town, promising a huge production and to play rare songs, some of which had never even been played before. In the lead up to this, the band had been pretty active on social media, hyping us with the promise of ‘The greatest show on earth.’ And yet, they managed to not reveal any details prior to the big day, ensuring the surprise was kept a secret. I was extremely impressed that they managed to keep everything under-wraps, but nothing could’ve prepared us for the night we had in store…

Being dedicated to their word, they kept their promise on the selection of tracks for the night. The setlist spanned their entire career, and whilst staples like “Heaven’s a Lie”, “Our Truth” and “Enjoy the Silence” were played, amongst some more recent outings, the set was mainly dedicated to rarities and older songs. This included classics such as “Swamped”, “Soul Into Hades”, “When a Dead Man Walks” and “Senzafine”. I’d been waiting years to hear some of these tracks live, especially the latter, and it was such a joy to finally see/hear them. The band have always been superb at playing their songs in a live setting, and tonight was no exception. They were on-point, and everything was pitch-perfect. There’s nothing I could fault at all, the blending of tracks old and new in the massive 25 song setlist felt extremely fluid. It was as if the selection of tracks had always been made to be played alongside each other. The atmosphere was truly electrifying, and the entire band had everyone in the room completely captivated with their massive presence. The crowd were at Cristina and Andrea’s command, drawn to their every word, and every note the band played. Guitars and drums thundered, and the instantly recognisable combo of female/male vocals soared.

Of course, Lacuna Coil always put on a stunning show musically, and not only did they pull out all the stops on this front, but they put an unbelievable amount of effort and detail into the production, more-so than they had ever done before. What resulted was a show that was absolutely spellbinding. The stage and set design had a Gothic carnival theme to it, with the décor resembling that of a circus tent, and flashing lights that read “119 show!” There was even the inclusion of backup dancers, that weaved around the band members as they performed. There was interpretive dance, flame dancing, aerial fabric dancing, aerial hoop dancing and so much more! Seeing this level of performance fused with such a stunning musical presence was absolutely incredible, and it worked together flawlessly. I was in complete awe of it all. One highlight had to be during “House of Shame” where the dancers emerged from blank portraits like zombies, and slowly edged towards Cristina and Andrea, clutching onto them towards the end of the song, as the singers tried to break free, horror movie style. Then there were the aerial fabric dancers either side of the stage, one dressed as an angel, the other as a demon (rather aptly) for “Heaven’s a Lie”. Then there was the brief piano section, where Cristina was hoisted up into the air, with her huge decorative dress flowing across the stage. The aesthetics of this moment and emotional piano renditions of “Falling Again” and “Wide Awake” were breath-taking. The massive finale of “Nothing Stands In Our Way” was accompanied by an acrobat twirling in the air in hoop, shooting sparks from her hands. It was a sight to behold! Every single stunt and theatrical moment was choreographed to perfection, suiting the theme of each track beautifully.

I always expect great things from a Lacuna Coil show, but this special anniversary event completely blew all my expectations out of the water! They brought so many fresh elements, that it genuinely felt like I was seeing them for the first time all over again. Never before have I seen them as theatrical as this, and it was a stunning, wonderful experience from start to finish. The mix of perfect sound and musical performance, with such a superbly crafted stage show legitimately gave me goosebumps. The best way I can describe it was Lacuna Coil meets Crique du Soleil, it was art at it’s finest. There were moments that took my breath away, times where my jaw literally dropped, moments where I sung my heart out and moments where I was almost in tears of joy. I’ve honestly never experienced a show like this one before.

Of course, I could go on for hours about how spectacular it all was, but it was so mind-blowing, that there’s genuinely no words that could ever truly convey the sheer level of brilliance this show had! This is not only one of the best shows I’ve ever had the joy and luck of attending, but one of the best nights of my life.


  1. A Current Obsession

  2. 1.19

  3. My Wings

  4. End of Time

  5. Blood, Tears, Dust

  6. Swamped

  7. The Army Inside

  8. Veins of Glass

  9. One Cold Day

  10. The House of Shame

  11. When a Dead Man Walks

  12. Tight Rope

  13. Soul Into Hades

  14. Hyperfast

  15. I Like It

  16. Heaven’s a Lie

  17. Senzafine

  18. Closer

  19. Comalies

  20. Our Truth

  • Piano set:

  1. Falling

  2. Wide Awake

  • Encore:

  1. I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)

  2. Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)

  3. Nothing Stands In Our Way

[NOTE: The show was recorded for a live DVD, scheduled for release later this year]