The debut EP from Tankard Haus, Stalkers, has been a long time coming. The Birmingham based trio had been working hard on it for over a year now, unleashing tracks as they were completed. The wait is now finally over, and the band have released the EP in full.

The very moment Stalkers starts, it pulls no punches. After the haunting melody at the beginning of opener, ‘MMXV’, it bursts into life and doesn’t let up. It’s filled with catchy beats and synth hooks that could easily get dancefloors packed-out across the scene. The title track ‘Stalkers’ in particular stands-out for it’s high octane rhythm and addictive beat. There’s a nice contrast in ‘Advance’, where it has a much more aggressive vibe than the other songs, and probably comes across as the darkest. ‘When I fall’ is a great way to lyrically and stylistically close the quartet of original tracks, with its sweeping melodies. The vocals from Andrew ‘Aro’ Owen are great throughout, delivering a very prominent style that is instantly recognisable, which compliments the complex layers of synth work crafted by Tom Yorkshire and Nathan Price.

The four remixes presented on the EP are fantastic too, and certainly give interesting takes and twists on the original tracks. The Artificial Eye Remix of ‘MMXV’ gives the track a more dark wave feel, whilst the Mjn Remix of the same song, and of ‘Advance’, add bulky guitars. The Insomnious Remix of ‘When I fall’ has a nice 80’s vibe too.

The only negative thing I have to say is that this doesn’t do anything new or original. But, then it doesn’t need to. Quite frankly, I feel that this is a criticism that’s used way too much in music (and in popular media in general!) Honestly, if anything, this criticism is only a minor one, and I’m just nitpicking, if anything. Their influences are clear, but they’ve gone and made them their own.

It’s great to see more new acts pop up within the Industrial/EBM scene, and Tankard Haus are certainly one to look out for. Stalkers is an EP that’s filled with a high production quality that results in a collection of anthemic tracks that are all killer no filler. Even better, the EP is available for free (or pay what you like) on their Bandcamp page, so there’s absolutely no excuse for you to not get it. They’ve definitely got off to a strong start, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings for this trio.

Final Verdict: A strong debut that delivers a quartet of anthemic tracks and some great remixes. Catchy, addictive and very memorable, it pulls no punches. If you love EBM, get it now!

Available for free (or pay what you like) at the official Tankard Haus Bandcamp page:


  1. MMXV

  2. Stalkers

  3. Advance

  4. When I fall

  5. MMXV (Artificial Eye Remix)

  6. Advance (Mjn Remix)

  7. When I fall (Insomnious Remix)

  8. MMXV (Mjn Remix)