A bit late confirming this on the blog, but it was all just an April Fool’s prank! No, I’m not doing my own cooking show! XD This was a spur of the moment thing, when my friend started filming the saga of me trying to cook this microwave lasagne whilst we were in Germany (with a severe lack of kitchen equipment, might I add!) Hilarity ensued, and before we knew it, we realised we’d created something that was comic genius. She was actually the one to suggest that I made some funny edits, and the result is what ended up on YouTube. The timing was just too perfect, so I decided to do an April Fools joke for EoE (something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.) I hope you found it as funny as we did!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the latest chapter of EoE… my own cooking show, Cooking With Iain! Hope you enjoy the start of this new journey with me, and bon appetit!