This Easter Bank Holiday Monday, I got the chance to see Dance With The Dead in London with one of my best friends. With both of us being big fans of their music, we were interested to see how that would translate to a live setting.

The proceedings at The Underworld, Camden, kicked off with the first support act, LeBrock. This was the only band of the night to actually feature any kind of vocals, and whilst I found those to be a bit too cheesy, everything else was ok. Their music had a good atmosphere to it, and they had a fun vibe to them. I have a feeling that their sound comes across better on record, rather than in a live format [EDIT: I can confirm that it sounds amazing recorded!] I guess I wasn’t prepared for the level of cheese in their music at that specific time, but they were definitely enjoyable!

Sadly, Daniel Deluxe had to cancel this small run of UK gigs, due to visa issues at the very last minute. However, Midnight Danger was more than a fantastic replacement. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the music provided by Chris Young was an excellent blend of retro, synthwave and rock. The electro beats pounded, with extremely catchy hooks and melodies throughout. Whenever he went for his guitar, he delivered face-melting solos and riffs. The atmosphere in the venue was absolutely immense and electrifying, we didn’t stop moving until the very end!

Finally, the main act, Dance With The Dead, took to the stage. Sadly, I have to say that for the most part, I was extremely underwhelmed by their performance. It was a very mixed bag, indeed. For the first portion of their set, they took to their guitars, which whilst not unusual, hosted a big issue. The issue being that the guitars were way too loud, to the point where it completely drowned out the synth elements of their music. Yes, I’m aware that some of their songs are more guitar focused, but the appeal to their sound is how those elements resonate together, which was completely lost here. It was bad to the point where one or two songs were completely unrecognisable at first!

However, part way through their set, they ditched the guitars, and opted for a more DJ style performance, which is when the quality of their music truly shined through. The beats were magnificent and it was an absolute joy to experience. For a few songs it was epic… until they picked up their guitars again. It’s a shame, as they were lively and energetic throughout. The entire thing was let down by the unbalanced sound levels. Even worse, they played less than an hour. Sure, I’m aware the gig only cost £14, but I’ve seen bands play a lot longer for less money, plus they surely have enough material in their back-catalogue to make a much longer set? Considering they barely play in the UK, I would have thought they’d have made the most of their time here. This not only added more salt into the wound, but I can confirm it’s officially the shortest set I’ve ever seen from a headlining band on their own tour.

Whilst the main act were a let down, it wasn’t an entirely terrible night. As mentioned earlier, there was the short-lived middle section of Dance With The Dead’s set that was glorious (if only their entire show had been as good.) However, the night was saved by Midnight Danger, who made our long trip down to London worth it! If you haven’t checked out his music, I strongly suggest you do, you will not be disappointed. I only hope that he returns to the UK very soon!