Last Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing a trio of fantastic bands at Scruffy Murphy’s in Birmingham, consisting of local talent and one from the far away land of the rising sun.


The proceedings began with This Elegant Chaos. The Wolverhampton based quartet have had a lot going on in recent weeks, having just released their debut album, House of Destruction. Needless to say, they kicked the night off with style! Combining a varied range of rock influences, with a slight hint of Gothic elements, they delivered a storming set and owned the stage. Their catchy riffs and hooks proved to work extremely well within a live setting, and Steph Taylor’s vocals soared. It was highly entertaining, and I have a feeling they’re really going to go places.


Wrapped in Plastic are already pretty well established in the alternative scene in Birmingham, their home city. Their shows are always a spectacle to watch, and tonight was no exception. As ever, the music was dark, in your face and brutal; a commentary on how fucked up everything is. A Wrapped in Plastic show is never complete without darkness and debauchery, which were definitely in full force here (though I’d expect nothing less!) They kept the theatrics going throughout the set, reeling the audience in with their extremely prominent presence. It appears that their reputation proceeds them, as they were sadly not allowed to use fake blood during their performance, at request of the venue. However, they really didn’t need it, as the show was still brilliant. The set was filled with key tracks from their back catalogue, including ‘Fall into the Fire’, ‘Kill the Kids’ and ending with the iconic ‘Suffercate’. A definite highlight for me had to be ‘Stomp!’, a brand new track from their new cycle. The combination of catchy synths, bulky sounding guitars delivered by guitarist Squeaky, combined with the fluid pace, all whilst frontman Mr. Hate gave an aggressive vocal delivery, added up to a fantastic experience live. After hearing this, I cannot wait to see what else the new cycle brings. They made this show yet another one to remember!


Cyberpunk headliner Psydoll had travelled all the way from Japan to tour the UK, and with over 20 years of experience under their belt, it was bound to be something special. What ensued was a superb set, filled with energy that made the atmosphere feel electrifying. They enthusiastically powered through their music, the blending of Industrial synths and guitar work resonating throughout the crowd. Neikoi Psydoll’s vocals were captivating and the contrast worked well with Ucchi Psydoll’s dark guitar riffs and melodies. I find their music extremely easy to get hooked on, even though I don’t speak a word of Japanese. It takes a lot of showmanship and skill to be able to draw in an audience in such a way, and Psydoll certainly pull it off! It was the perfect end to an excellent night.