I was nominated by a friend on Facebook to do the “Top 10 albums over 10 days” challenge. I’ve been wanting to write about my favourite albums ever for a very long time, and I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to do so! So feel free to join me on my journey, as we look through my top 10 albums of all-time!

#9: Gorillaz – Demon Days

It’s no secret that Damon Albarn has become a big icon in the music industry, rising to fame as the lead singer of the iconic Britpop/Alternative Rock band Blur. However, I’d argue (somewhat controversially) that Blur is not his best project, but Gorillaz is. I feel that the second album of this project, Demon Days, is proof of this. Let me start by saying that there is not a single dud to be found here, every track is absolutely fantastic. The first instalment of the saga, the self-titled Gorillaz, may have cemented them in the world of music, with it’s unusual sound and quirky ‘virtual band’ concept, but here Albarn pushed it all to the next level. What results is a collection of music that flows beautifully, and truly sounds like nothing else. The mash-up of genres, from hip-hop, to rock, to dance and even adding orchestral elements sounds like an insane combination on paper (or screen, in this case), but it was woven together in a mind-blowing fashion, that still makes it stand out amongst the crowd today. Whilst sounding upbeat for the most part, the album actually has a very apocalyptic feel to it, and has a much deeper meaning than it initially seems. From the minimalist tones of “Last Living Souls”, to the massively catchy tones of “Feel Good Inc.”, the Spanish Flamenco inspired “El Mañana”, to the pop sounding “DARE” and choir sung closer “Demon Days”, there’s so much going on, that it’s hard to know where to even start. It’s a strange, yet stunning, journey from start to finish, and even after all these years it still sounds as fresh as it did the day it was released.

Released: 2005 Genre: Rock/Dark Pop/Trip Hop


  1. Intro

  2. Last Living Souls

  3. Kids With Guns

  4. O Green World

  5. Dirty Harry

  6. Feel Good Inc.

  7. El Mañana

  8. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

  9. November Has Come

  10. All Alone

  11. White Light

  12. DARE

  13. Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head

  14. Don’t Get Lost in Heaven

  15. Demon Days