I was nominated by a friend on Facebook to do the “Top 10 albums over 10 days” challenge. I’ve been wanting to write about my favourite albums ever for a very long time, and I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to do so! So feel free to join me on my journey, as we look through my top 10 albums of all-time!

#8:Pendulum – In Silico

There’s yet another personal reason for me liking this one so much. Mainly because this brings back fond memories of the days when I used to dance away at Eddies rock club, after it moved to (the aptly named) Gough Street. Over the years it was situated there, and the legendary DJ Presley hit the decks in the downstairs Goth Room, known as ‘The Dungeon’, I pretty much heard this album in it’s entirety. Yes, we Goths do like a variety of music. I know that many hated this record, because even though it still had firm Drum and Bass roots that the band were known for, they incorporated pop and rock elements into the mix. I honestly don’t get why it attracted so much malice, because the amalgamation of all these genres combined results in what I think is a fantastic sound! It feels very vibrant and lively throughout, with an energy that delivers amazingly catchy danceable rhythms. “Showdown” has a great build up that suddenly explodes to life, and from there the pace of the album does not stop, ever driving forward. The bombastic sounds of “Different” keep this going, and showcase the evolution of the band, mixing the multiple genres to an ever changing soundscape. The iconic trumpet calls signal the intro of “Propane Nightmares” and is an anthem in it’s own right, with a glorious melody. “Visions” is constructed with distorted vocals and a more minimalist feel, whilst the pace gets built up once again for “Midnight Runner”, that feels like part of a retro film or even videogame soundtrack. “The Other Side” is catchy has hell, with guitar and electronic elements blending flawlessly, and “Mutiny” continues this theme. “9000 Miles” has quite a relaxed, almost space-y feel to it, “Granite” is high-octance goodness and “The Tempest” is an 8 minute epic that closes off the album with a bang! It’s rare that a band can change up their style so dramatically and pull it off, but Pendulum absolutely nailed it with In Silico, making it their best work.

Release: 2008 Genre: Drum and Bass/Electronic Rock


  1. Showdown

  2. Different

  3. Propane Nightmares

  4. Visions

  5. Midnight Runner

  6. The Other Side

  7. Mutiny

  8. 9,000 Miles

  9. Granite

  10. The Tempest