I was nominated by a friend on Facebook to do the “Top 10 albums over 10 days” challenge. I’ve been wanting to write about my favourite albums ever for a very long time, and I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to do so! So feel free to join me on my journey, as we look through my top 10 albums of all-time!

#5: Julien-K – Death To Analog

As the saying goes, good things come to those that wait, and that’s definitely the case for Julien-K’s debut album, Death To Analog. In 2003, after internal conflicts in their previous band, Orgy, Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck parted ways with lead singer Jay Gordon to form their own project, Julien-K. Countless delays later, and after even featuring on the Transformers film soundtrack, the album was finally released in 2009. And what an album it is! Whilst there are still hints of their previous work in there, Death To Analog still sounds like it’s own beast, and is incredibly diverse. I feel it manages to encompass the entire spectrum of the alternative/Goth scene, and that there’s literally a track here for everyone! There’s also a nice sprinkling of 80’s vibes added, for good measure. It’s an impressive feat in terms of scope and production quality. It’s also a testament to the skill and talent of the late Chester Bennington, who acted as producer on the record (rest his soul.) Opening with the title track, “Death To Analog”, it gets straight to the point, setting the tone of the album perfectly with it’s electro rock style. “Someday Soon” is completely electronic, channelling a Synthpop feel and is deliciously danceable, whilst “Kick the Bass” has a more moody theme to it, with a great blending of stylish synths and rhythm. “Technical Difficulties” (which is the track that featured in Transformers) is one of the most edgy tracks of the album, having a pounding electro sound, and filled with energy. “System de Sexe” is just that, a very sexual sounding song. It has a very hypnotic melody that is enticing, and echoes the style of Depeche Mode, adding a more Nine Inch Nails feel into the mix later on. It’s dark, catchy and quite possibly my favourite track off this album. “Maestro” has an almost endearing tone to it utilizing a more minimal sound, and Shuck putting on a stunning vocal performance. “Forever” sounds huge, and is an extremely emotional, beautiful track, ending with an amazing guitar solo. “Spiral has a dark disco feel to it with a fantastic beat, whilst “Nvr Say Nvr” is a cover of the Romeo Void song of the same name. The latter makes great use of writhing synths and distorted guitars. “Dystopian Girl” is a complex sea of layered synth-work, making it very immersive. The bulky riffs worked in later on compliment these elements well. “Look at U” is probably the most Orgy sounding track on the entire record. The hooks are impeccable, and create a dark atmosphere. The booming electronic sounds and spacey synths create interesting textures for “Stranded”, and “Disease” has a generous mix of guitar and electro work, blending together perfectly. “Futura” closes off the record, having gritty sounding synths and heavy guitars, making this a Marilyn Manson style stomper. Honestly, Death To Analog does so much, that I even feel those descriptions don’t do it justice. Every listen, there’s something new to pick out amongst it’s amalgamation of sonic layering. If I had to choose one album to introduce someone to the alternative scene, this would be my one of choice. It quite literally does everything, and it does it to the highest of standards.

Released: 2009 Genre: Industrial/Electronic Rock/Alternative Rock

Track List

1. Death to Analog
2. Someday Soon
3. Kick the Bass
4. Technical Difficulties
5. Systeme de Sexe
6. Maestro
7. Forever
8. Spiral
9. Nvr Say Nvr
10. Dystopian Girl
11. Look at U
12. Stranded
13. Disease
14. Futura (DTA Mix)