I was nominated by a friend on Facebook to do the “Top 10 albums over 10 days” challenge. I’ve been wanting to write about my favourite albums ever for a very long time, and I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to do so! So feel free to join me on my journey, as we look through my top 10 albums of all-time!

#3: The Birthday Massacre – Walking With Strangers

As I was discovering and delving further into the Goth scene, I was made aware of The Birthday Massacre. After listening to a few tracks, I was hooked, and rushed to pick up their latest album at the time. That album was Walking With Stragners, and I’ve not looked back since! For those of you that follow the blog, you most likely remember me raving about this band. Honestly, I have so much love for them that I don’t know where to start! Simply put, their music is magical. Whilst it’s very dark and Gothic, it also has an almost fairytale feel to it, all with a retro 80’s twist. “Kill the Lights” opens the album with a sweet sounding synth that feels like a lullaby, echoey guitars complimenting the synthpop textures. The first notes of “Goodnight” have a very mystical feel to them, and every aspect of the track enhances this mood. Despite this, there’s a very tragic feel to this track, especially within the lyrics. “Falling Down” continues this theme within it’s synth work, and is contrasted with heavier rock punches. A softer more reflective mood drives “Unfamiliar”, with a heavy focus on a glittery electronic soundscape. The tone changes dramatically in “Red Stars”, which sounds incredibly bulky, with heavy, hard-hitting Industrial riffs and a pounding rhythm. Distorted guitars and beautiful synths compliment each other to a stunning effect in “Looking Glass”. It has a strangely oriental feel to it, and it’s here that the band really channel the 80’s style the most. “Science” has incredibly catchy hooks giving it a very disco feel, with a hint of darkness and regret. The effects between the previous track and the start of “Remember Me” sound eerie, and prove the band can use ambient interludes to great effect. Overall, “Remember Me” has is more serene, but has a very sad mood to it. “To Die For” is highly atmospheric and captivating, making it a truly wonderful song. The title track “Walking With Strangers” feels quite anthemic, with it’s layers of Gothic rock and synths that are blended to perfection. It’s the perfect choice for the title track, as it encompasses all the themes explored within the album. “Weekend” and closing track “Movie” both feel grandiose and are the perfect way to complete the album. This is what the band is all about. They sound sweet and wonderful, yet are able to add a darker tone to their music at the same time. It’s all beautifully haunting, making it absolutely breathtaking. This is one of those albums that is not only fantastic to listen to, but it’s a completely immersive experience. From the first note, to the final fading echoes, it takes the listener into their world, and it’s easy to get engrossed into it’s enchanting feel. There’s truly nothing like it! The Birthday Massacre have continued to go from strength to strength over the years, but as a listening experience, Walking With Strangers their most consistent album throughout. It’s what laid the solid foundations for the stunning material that followed, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Released: 2007 Genre: Synthpop/Gothic Rock


  1. Kill the Lights

  2. Goodnight

  3. Falling Down

  4. Unfamiliar

  5. Red Stars

  6. Looking Glass

  7. Science

  8. Remember Me

  9. To Die For

  10. Walking With Strangers

  11. Weekend

  12. Movie