Within seconds of hearing the Banana God EP, you’ll realise that Dead Happy are anything but a typical band. The Midlands trio refer to their genre as ‘Freaky Disco Metal’ and, well… that should tell you everything! Although you are honestly not prepared for this!

The intro opens with dark orchestral overtures, and the summoning of an evil god, all accompanied by demonic chants from cultists, before they accidentally summon the dreaded Banana God. Right of the bat this is dripping with comedic value, all feeling very Monty Python in execution. The opening track Dismiss This, bursts out of nowhere, delivering a frenetic volley of speedy synths and guitars. It’s packed with absolute adrenaline, whipping up a massive frenzy which is hard to put down. It even has a few metal interludes that are more epic than they have any right to be. In contrast, Just for Me is a much more traditional metal track, but is no less zany, with Jason Oakley’s vocals having a nutty charm to them. It comes across as extremely catchy, with some great hooks, and is still unmistakeably their style. The closer to this EP, Banana Bloodbath, returns to the chaotic craziness that was established previously. Pounding hard-hitting electro beats are contrasted by bulky guitars, with hectic drum breakdowns added in for good measure. The ever altering pace of these sections gives the track a very schizophrenic feel.

Calling Dead Happy’s music “different” is a massive understatement. It’s incredibly, but wonderfully, bizarre, and it’s pretty addictive to boot. The style is very reminiscent of bands like Mindless Self Indulgence, but if you turned their levels of wackiness all the way up to 11. It’s unapologetically silly, resulting in a collection of songs that are a joy to listen to, and put the fun back into music. If you want to know what the definition of insanity is, it’s Dead Happy, and it’s glorious!

Final Verdict: A debut EP that solidifies Dead Happy’s insane approach to music, and it’s every bit of fun and addictive as it is crazy. It’s gloriously refreshing!

Dead Happy – The Banana God EP is available at the band’s official BandCamp page: https://deadhappy.bandcamp.com/album/banana-god-ep


  1. Intro

  2. Dismiss This

  3. Just for Me

  4. Banana Bloodbath

The band will also play at the following live events: Festival8, Lincolnshire (21st July), Green Gathering Festival, Chepstow (4th August), Boomtown Fair, Winchester (12th August), Tribfest, Driffield (19th August), Fire & Forge Festival, Trowbridge (15th September)