So, not even a week after returning from Amphi Festival in Germany, I once again found myself on a night out, this time in Manchester. I’ve never been one that’s content on keeping still. The event in question was the Beat:Cancer charity gig, on the last show of their summer tour. Was it worth it? Well, in short, yes, but leaving it there wouldn’t really make for a good review, would it? So have some more…

The first band of the night were Advance, and this was the Glaswegian-based duo’s first set in a year after going on hiatus, due to them having kids (all the congrats on that by the way, guys!) Needless to say, they still definitely very much had it, as they delivered an amazingly energetic set, featuring well-know tracks from their EP and debut album, as well as some new unheard material. We were assured that album number 2 was on the way, and after hearing what they’ve cooked up so far, I’m pumped to hear more of it! Throughout the set, it was all killer no filler, getting the crowd into gear, and setting up the rest of the night perfectly. The highlight of the set had to be their cover of Madonna’s “Frozen”, which always gets a good reaction whenever they play it live, along with closing track “Dead Technology”, which has pretty much become an anthem. It was great to see Advance return, and they’re certainly more ready than ever!

Advance, making a triumphant return

Next up, all the way from Copenhagen, were Neonsol. I’d sadly missed a lot of their set last time they played over in the UK, so it was great to finally be able to catch a full show! They took a very different approach, choosing to begin with a slower pace. This was extremely effective, as the beautiful dreamy synths filled the venue, creating an extremely rich atmosphere. It was a great build up too, as when they kicked things into high-gear, it really got the crowd moving. Neonsol are one of those few bands where the combination of different soundscapes work in perfect harmony, not only producing lively danceable music, but also packing in so much emotion. Experiencing this in a live setting can only be described as euphoric. Plus they played three of my favourite songs of theirs in close proximity, those being “Poisoned Land”, “Manipulation” and “Heat”, which were a joy to dance along to (if a tad exhausting, but totally worth it!) It was stunning to behold, and I cannot wait till they next return.

Neonsol delivered a beautiful set

Finally, the headliners for the night were Freakangel, and what a contrast! For a night to start with two Electro/EBM acts, and finish on an Industrial Metal band, whilst still remaining consistent is no mean feat. I love it when there’s a combination of genres at play. Variety is the spice of life, after all. The heavy gritty sounds of the band resonated well with the audience, as they blasted through a storming set. Dmitry Darling proved to be an excellent frontman, taking command of the stage, having a strong presence. The “The Book of Violence” and “Ones to Fall” were fantastic additions to the set, and were more visceral than ever. In my opinion, it’s not often a band can transition to a different genre and pull it off (in this case, EBM to Metal), but Freakangel nailed it, and this set was a testament to that.

Freakangel, bringing the brutality!

The best thing about this event, was that is was all for a great cause; to aid Cancer Research in the UK. Mark Haigh and his crew work tirelessly to organise and promote these events, and I have nothing but praise for them in their efforts. If you want more info on the charity, check out the official Beat:Cancer website here: Also, they have an official 2018 tour CD, featuring tracks from various artists across the tour, and remixes. Check that out here:

Finally, if this all sounds good to you (and why wouldn’t it), it isn’t over for Beat:Cancer live shows this year. There’s a winter tour on the way this October, featuring fantastic artists such as SIRUS, Izoloscope, Method Cell, Cease2Xist, Ruinizer and Xenturion Prime! Check out the winter tour info below, get tickets here: and I hope you see you at the London show!


Beat:Cancer Winter Tour dates:

  • Friday 5 October– Reading (The Facebar) – SIRUS + guests
  • Saturday 6 October – Sheffield (Corporation) – ISZOLOSCOPE + METHOD CELL + SIRUS + CEASE2XIST
  • Friday 12 October – Bristol (Zed Alley) – SIRUS + RUINIZER + guests
  • Saturday 13 October – London (Slimelight) – XENTURION PRIME + SIRUS + guests