Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a couple of gigs down in London. The first of these was Chrom, hosted by Exit the Grey at Zigfrid Von Underbelly (which I think is the most bizarre venue name I’ve ever heard.) The venue itself, based in Hoxton, is not the normal venue for the Exit the Grey clubnight, but they’d decided upon it for this night due to the addition of live acts. I have to admit, it was quite small, which isn’t a bad thing at all, it’s just that a band the calibre of Chrom could easily perform at bigger venues. Still, the setting really helped make the night more enthralling, and it served it’s purpose pretty well!

First up for the night were Dicepeople. Admittedly, we arrived to the venue a bit late, so only managed to catch the last few songs. From what I saw of them, however, they seemed interesting and quite fun. Their take on Rammstein’sIch Will’ was a unique one too, opting to cover the English translated version of the track. Sadly, their efforts couldn’t cover for the fact that Rammstein songs sound awful in English (and for clarification, this is an opinion coming from a massive fan.) For the second support act, Promenade Cinema took to the stage. Having seen them a few weeks prior at Infest festival, I knew to expect a great show, and their performance was sensational. Plus there were no rude interruptions from accidental fire alarms this time round! Throughout the show it was beautiful and enchanting, with the Sheffield duo giving it their all. ‘Spotlight’ and ‘As the World Stops Revolving’ were definite highlights of the set for me. It certainly got people in the right mood for the rest of the night. Last, but not least, Chrom took to the stage, and they delivered an absolutely storming show. Their lively, energetic tunes made the atmosphere electric, and the fact it was in a more intimate setting only enhanced the experience. Seriously, if I were a few rows forward, I’d have been within reaching distance! They blasted through hits old and new, such as ‘Visions’, ‘Staring at the Sun’, ‘Murder Fantasies’ and ‘Regret and Testify’. Although I could’ve sworn they played the same track twice in the set. I think it may have been ‘Surrender’, but I’m not sure… although it’s an excellent song, so I don’t really care! Needless to say, they were superb, and it was the perfect way to end the night.

I have to give kudos to the clubnight too, for putting on such a fun after-party. There were great people, it was a good atmosphere, and the DJs did an excellent job at spinning the decks, giving us amazing sets to dance to. Well, from what I remember, anyway (alcohol makes me forget things sometimes…) I think I’ll be giving Exit the Grey another visit in the not too distant future!