If you’re part of the scene, it’s extremely likely that you’ve heard of Solitary Experiments. In their 24 year career, they’ve gained quite the following, generating some incredibly memorable FuturePop tunes that have invaded our dancefloors. Now it appears they’re set to do the same again, with their seventh studio album, Future Tense.

It all begins with an instrumental intro, “A Countdown.” Ambience combines with a haunting melody, resulting in a slightly sombre in tone. The electronic elements continue to layer around booming drums. “Every Time” has a low-fi effect at first, before bursting in with an ethereal soundscape. A catchy rhythm helps to make it feel upbeat. “Achromatic” has synths that are rich in presentation, with a constant pounding drumbeat that builds into a progressive melody. A chorus of electro creates a stunning effect in the later section, and makes it quite engrossing. Distant electronic refrain signals the start of “Crash & Burn”, before exploding into a chunky speedy beat, and layers that feel space-like. “Brace Yourself!” continues this space-y theme, as they echo all around, the atmosphere of the ambience is more than enough to draw the listener in. There’s a euphoric sensation to this one, containing some genuinely anthemic moments. To me, this track stands out the most for it’s energetic mood. “Shelter” slows the pace down a little, almost being like a ballad. There’s great use of old-school 8 bit synths, blended with sweeping soundscapes that make it mesmerising. “Die Zukunft” has some pretty intense rhythms and beats, kicking us straight back into the action. It’s very high tempo, and is the only song on the album to be sung in German. “Sancutary” has a deep full bass, which is contrasted by light sounding tones that are almost oriental in style, before it all transforms into futuristic goodness. “I Am” is lively, having the hallmarks of a club-hit. The chorus section sounds absolutely massive, and is a sea of glorious sounds. The combination of chunky bass and otherworldly electro give “The Struggle” a prominent presence, whilst “Double Dealer” unleashes some absolutely pounding beats. The latter is the biggest stomper on the record, and has a dark feel to it. “Pheonix” closes off the album in a reflective manner. It’s somewhat melancholy in tone, progressing into some beautiful synthwork, making it very memorable.

It can be argued that Solitary Experiments’ approach to music is pretty straightforward, utilising tropes of the genre. However, to put it so simply would be doing them a disservice. They have the ability to craft extremely catchy, crowd pleasing tracks that have anthemic qualities, which is what makes them unforgettable. Top that off with the fact that their lyrics are filled with depth that packs an emotional punch, and it’s clear to see why it’s such a winning formula. This is indeed the case with Future Tense, that continues with these themes, resulting in a record that has some impressive moments.

Final Verdict: Future Tense is the kind of record you’d expect from Solitary Experiments (in a good way, of course.) Extremely catchy hooks create tracks with anthemic qualities, all whilst packing an emotional punch with deep, meaningful lyrics.


  1. A Countdown
  2. Every Time
  3. Achromatic
  4. Crash & Burn
  5. Brace Yourself!
  6. Shelter
  7. Die Zukunft
  8. Sanctuary
  9. I Am
  10. The Struggle
  11. Double Dealer
  12. Pheonix