UK based Rhythm and Noize project Dirty K has shown no signs of slowing down since they debuted in 2006. Their sound is relentless, dominating dancefloors across the scene. They’ve taken their nightmarish soundscapes to many events across Europe and the UK, such as Maschinenfest, Infest, Wave Gotik Treffen and Summer Darkness Festival. Now they’re back with a new EP, The Lowest Level of Loyalty. Well, they claim this to be an EP, but even at 7 tracks in length (one of which is a remix), it manages to be longer than most so-called full-length albums I’ve heard this year!

A shattering drum kicks in, signalling the start of the proceedings on intro “The Success of My Imagination “. A haunting, creepy ambience sets the scene. “They Hating On Us Because They Aint Us” continues the dark, twisted atmosphere, progressing into a chaotic explosion of distorted electro beats and sounds. These are complimented by catchy hooks, that weave through the brutality, holding the rhythm together. “Two Faced Drama Queens That Look Like Washed Up Crack Addicts” feels like a contender for longest song title of the year! The twisted eerie mood from the previous track bleeds seamlessly into this one, having a sinister air to it. The drumbeat that kicks in is unrelenting, almost having a tribal mood. The intro to “F.R.E.A.K.S” would be well placed in a tense scene within a horror flick. There’s some absolutely intense brutality later on, building up to an powerful climax. “Death, Destruction, Chaos, Flith & Greed” has an explosive mix of sounds going on, and creates an unsettling mood. It feels extremely destructive, and there’s so much going it, it’s as if there’s always something new to pick out amongst all the chaos. “Militant Dysphoria” begins with droning electronics, building into an apocalyptic sound, as if the listener has been placed at the epicentre of a nuclear blast. Unnerving ambience makes it feel as if the world is ending, backed with some freaky whispered, distorted sampling. It’s extremely schizophrenic in approach, before a torrent of ferocious beats burst in. Changes of pace and tone throughout the track adds a dynamic feel during this 9 minute epic. Sealing the gates of hell, is a remix of “Torrent Of Fury” by DOOMER. This puts an interesting spin on this classic track. There’s unnerving vibes throughout, and it has some unpredictable moments.

If I’m honest, I’m not usually that interested in Noize, unless it’s in a live setting, but there’s something about Dirty K’s music that draws me in. It creates a dark eerie, messed up ambience, and combines it with the most intense and brutal explosions of electronic sounds imaginable. Yet it still retains a clear rhythm, which has an addictive catchiness that is hypnotic. These themes are more prominent than ever on The Lowest Level of Loyalty, resulting in a collection of songs that are extremely twisted and wicked in nature. The chaotic beats and chilling atmosphere will have you coming back for more.

Final Verdict: Dark and twisted, Dirty K prove that they can throw intense levels of noise at the listener, whilst retaining a hypnotic catchiness. If a nightmarish landscape could be conveyed as sound, this would be it, and it’s glorious!

Track List:

  1. The Success of My Imagination
  2. They Hating On Us Because They Aint Us
  3. Two Faced Drama Queens That Look Like Washed Up Crack Addicts
  4. F.R.E.A.K.S
  5. Death, Destruction, Chaos, Flith & Greed
  6. Militant Dysphoria
  7. Torrent Of Fury (rearmed by DOOMER)