January only feels like yesterday, and we’re already nearing the end of 2018. This year has held so many great memories, and Lacuna Coil’s stunning 119 show in London, to mark their 20th anniversary, is certainly a cherished one. Fortunately, the show was recorded, and is now available on DVD/Blu-Ray so that those of us that attended can relive the memories forever, or those that were unable to go can experience it for the first time.

The main bulk of the package is the show itself, and we get it in it’s entirety. I’d have expected nothing less, but it’s still fantastic to see the whole thing from start to finish, especially considering some bands redact a few tracks from their live releases, for some odd reason. The filming is beautifully done, capturing some great angles, with there being plenty of shots of the band on-stage, as well as the audience when required. I’d have liked to have seen a bit more focus on the dancers, especially in those extremely theatrical moments, but it’s enough to paint a good picture on how amazing the production qualities were. The stylised intros and outros are a very nice touch too, and don’t feel overdone, adding a nice perspective on the experience, rather than distracting away from it. The sound quality is superb, capturing the top-notch performance from the band, and it’s also one of the LOUDEST live Blu-Ray’s I’ve ever played. It is the best way to play Metal music, after all!

There are also two extra features on the disc; “Enter The Coil” and “Behind the Curtain.” The first focuses on the band’s 20 year history, with vocalists Crisitina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro giving us the lowdown on the band’s past. They mention some pretty interesting details, although I’m sure it’s nothing that hardcore fans don’t already know. What I really like about this feature, is how they detail the creative process, and their approach to some of their material. It’s fascinating to get some insight of the inner workings of the band, and how they approach their art. The second of the features is a behind the scenes look at the show itself. It’s quite short, but gives us a brief look at how it all came intro fruition. My only gripe here is that they both feel a bit short, and it would have been nice to delve a bit more into these aspects. Mind you, to ask such a thing is probably missing the point.

To top it all off, the deluxe Blu-Ray edition is gorgeously presented. It not only comes in a double gate-fold case with some fantastic artwork, but there’s also a small photo book, containing pictures from the night, as well as a thank you message from the band. Plus it isn’t limited to a Blu-Ray disc, it contains the DVD too, so no one misses out. Oh, and it also has the complete audio recording of the show across two CDs. If you want the complete experience, I highly recommend this, and for the mere price of around £20, it feels like a bargain.

Overall, The 119 Show: Live In London is a fantastic package. It does an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere of that incredible night, and it feels pretty damn close to being back there! Whether you were there or not, or you’ve never seen them before and are intrigued to see what they’re like live, I recommend getting this without hesitation.


  1. Intro
  2. A Current Obsession
  3. 1.19
  4. My Wings
  5. End Of Time
  6. Blood, Tears, Dust
  7. Swamped
  8. The Army Inside
  9. Veins Of Glass
  10. One Cold Day
  11. The House Of Shame
  12. When A Dead Man Walks
  13. Tight Rope
  14. Soul Into Hades
  15. Hyperfast
  16. I Like It
  17. Heaven’s A Lie
  18. Senzafine
  19. Closer
  20. Comalies
  21. Our Truth
  22. Intermezzo
  23. Falling
  24. Wide Awake
  25. I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)
  26. Enjoy The Silence
  27. Nothing Stands In Our Way


  1. Behind The Curtain
  2. Enter The Coil