So, I’ve already gone over my favourite music releases and tracks of 2018… but what about the future? Well, by the looks of things, there’s a whole lot to look forward to in the world of music in 2019. The List of upcoming releases below are just a handful of what is bound to be another excellent year of gripping tunes. Some may be speculation, some may get delayed, but it’s all very promising nonetheless! As always, the list in in alphabetical order, and not ranked. Enjoy!



It’s no secret that Californian-based industrial metallers 3TEETH have been busy at work on their third album. Literally on the day of posting this article, they’ve confirmed via their social media channels that the record is ready to go. Talk about timing, eh? I guess this means that the release of their third instalment is just around the corner, or at least I hope so. Maybe we’ll get some sort of Christmas treat? Who knows. Either way, with the state of the world continuously becoming more fucked up, we need a band like 3TEETH to help spread a bit of anarchy. Let’s see if they can up the ante and raise the bar even further than they did with 2017’s <shutdown.exe>.

The Birthday Massacre


Ooooh boy, am I hyped! At the start of July, it was confirmed on the band’s Facebook page that work had begun on their next studio album. This is to be delivered to the record company by May, with a release date set for September. What else do we know about this record? Nothing, besides that. However, I really don’t need to know anything more about this, as the band never cease to amaze me, and continue to surpass my expectations every single time. Each album they release is gold! I honestly cannot to hear it, and if there’s another Pledge Music campaign to fund it, I’ll be sure to throw my money at it!



All has been quiet on the western front from the Lancaster-based trio. There were a couple of new tracks that were played live, as early as Resistanz Festival 2016, and they’ve performed more shows fairly recently, but nothing has surfaced since. From what I can tell, production on this is still continuing slowly, but steadily. This is speculation, but 2019 feels right for the release of the third Cyferdyne album. This could be backed up by the fact that they’ve already started teasing some studio work, as well as a live show for next February. Seems like the perfect time to drop a surprise new album. Or maybe a few new tracks, at least. All I can say is, it would be great to hear some more hard-hitting bouncy beats from these guys again.

Def Neon


Looks like this one just missed the 2018 threshold. I’d heard word of a hopeful November release date for this year, but it unfortunately never came to be. The duo have been known to be perfectionists when it comes to their music, so it seems like they’re still hard at work getting it just right. You can’t rush perfection, I guess. They’ve been playing a handful of tracks from the upcoming record across their live shows for a long while, and from what’s been demonstrated so far, it sounds like it’ll be an absolute monster! From the catchy and danceable “Just do it” to the heavily drum and bass themed epic that is “Control”, it sounds like there’ll be a bit of something for everyone to enjoy. I’m keeping everything crossed that this release is right around the corner, as I’ve been itching to hear the studio versions of these songs for so long, and to play them on repeat over and over again.

Empirion – Resume


After the release of the absolutely storming I Am Electronic/Red Noise EP (that not only reviewed incredibly well, but made my top 10 music releases of 2018 list), it was clear that Empirion were ready to dominate dance-floors once again. However, the tracks on the EP are only a prelude of things to come, as they’ll be featured on their next album, Resume. The tracks featured in the EP were crafted extremely well, being absolute belters in their own right! If the rest of the album follows suit, which I’m sure it will, then we’ll be in for quite a wild ride, and some legendary club tracks.

Lacuna Coil


So this one is complete speculation, purely because frontwoman Crisitina Scabbia has confirmed that work on album nine hasn’t even started yet. I mean, that’s no surprise, as they’ve had a busy year, with them celebrating their 20th anniversary by putting on an amazing one-off show in London, releasing a Blu-Ray/DVD of the gig, and a bunch of live shows in support of it. However, she has confirmed that work will commence on the record as of next year, so there’s a slim chance it may make it out for 2019. If so, we should definitely keep our eyes (and ears) peeled during the latter half of the year. It’s common for artists to get softer in their old age, but Lacuna Coil proved everyone wrong with 2016’s Delirium, which is their heaviest so far. I really hope that the ninth instalment continues this momentum, and there’s no doubt that it will.



Ah yes, here we are again… another year, yet more waiting for the next Rammstein album. Funny how I put it on my anticipated albums list all the way back in 2017. Oh how naively optimistic I was! Initially, there were hopes that it would be released towards the end of 2018. Sadly, it seems to have slipped again, and we can now expect it sometime in spring 2019. Hopefully. But what do we know about it so far? Not a fat lot, really. The biggest revelation is that Sky Van Hoff has been acting as producer on this record, instead of their traditional choice of Jacob Hellner. Does this mean there are big changes on the horizon? Also, in the latest tease from the band on their social media channels back in September, there were photos of orchestra and choir recordings taking place in Minsk. Guitarist Paul Landers has stated that the band have taken the approach of playing in a room together, to get ‘the band feel’ as one unit, rather than working separately. It’s been confirmed that “Ramm4”, that debuted during their recent festival run will appear on the album too, albeit altered to fit better. As fun as the track is, it’s not the mind-blowing revelation I hoped it would be, especially after there being no new material from them in so long. Also, Richard Kruspe’s latest Emigrate album, A Million Degrees was rather lacklustre, and Till Lindemann’s latest solo song is awful. I’m really hoping these elements don’t bleed into Rammstein’s new material. Needless to say, I do have some fears, as it’ll have been almost an entire decade since their previous album, Liebe ist für alle da, by the time this is released. Still, I remain cautiously optimistic. If all else fails, at least there’s the epic stadium tour to look forward to next summer!



After some social media teasing, the Iowa-based 9-piece unleashed a surprise track, “All Out Life”, just in time for Halloween. The track is fuelled by a visceral power, that captures the essence of their earlier material. This is in no way a coincidence, and the band have stated that the upcoming album will reach the same levels of that era, being ‘a cross between the first album and Iowa.’ Corey Taylor has gone on record, stating that this record will be ‘one of the darkest chapters in the band’s history.’ The band had been seen entering the studio as early as April this year, and I’m sure they weren’t just working on one song. Other than the sudden appearance of the new track, not much else is known, other than Taylor praising how the material his fellow bandmates have written is ‘some of the most incredible music’ he’s ever heard. 2019 is looking to be an exciting year for Maggots across the globe.

Soman – Nox


It’s been far too long since the last Soman record. In fact, it’s been 8 years. Yup, definitely way too long! Thankfully, August saw things kick into life with the first single “Growler”, off the upcoming release, Nox. Soman has been known to blend various electronic styles together, and this track is no exception. It mashes them together to create a pounding beat, catchy enough to fill dancefloors with it’s hypnotic rhythm. This was the perfect way to put this project back in the limelight, as it proved that he still indeed has it. The track not only captures the essence of what the music is all about, it also showcases the flawless transitions of genres that he can pull off within his music. This one is right around the corner as well, the 11 track album releasing on 11th January, so we don’t have long to wait. If you’re lucky enough to be at Slimelight’s New Year’s Eve party in London, you’ll be treated to a live Soman set, which is bound to yield new material, as well as being a launch party for Nox. I won’t be there, but those of you that are going, have a blast!

Static-X – Project Regeneration


Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Satic-X’s debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip, and to celebrate the occasion, they’ll be releasing a new album, Project Regeneration. Sadly, frontman Wayne Static is no longer with us, after his sudden, tragic death in 2014. This release will not only be the first since the group disbanded, but will also be a tribute to the late singer, featuring his final vocal recordings and compositions. The band have reached out to vocalists to guest on the album, including David Draiman of Disturbed, Ivan L. Moody of Five Finger Death Punch and Al Jourgensen of Ministry. Whilst they say it’s ‘too early to confirm anyone 100%’, it’s hard to not get excited by this! Snippets of new tracks teased so far include “Road to Hell”, “Something of My Own”, “Terminator Oscillator”, “Hollow” and “Disco Otsego”, all of which sound as hard-hittingly brutal as ever. It’s shaping up to be a worthy tribute to Wanye Static’s legendary legacy.

Syd.31 – Walk Amongst Rebels


Syd.31’s “Bulldoze Everything”, released earlier this year, signals a paradigm shift for the band on the upcoming second album, Walk Amongst Rebels. It fuses their electronic sound with more organic musical elements. Frontman Dr Magic seems to have been taking a ton of influences as inspiration for the new direction, from old-school goth to metal, and everything between. The result is shaping up into an experimental monster, that still remains true to the core of what Syd.31 is all about. The evolution only makes sense, considering how punk in feel the music is, and these new additions enhance it further. There’s an intricate level of detail that’s been paid to what has been created so far, meaning keen eared music fanatics are surely going to be able to point out subtle homages here and there. The changes being made to the sound are brave, exciting and I honestly can’t wait to hear the end result.

Within Temptation – Resist


I’m surprised to see this one make an appearance on this list! Mainly because it was set to be released on December 14th of this year. However, it sadly slipped from our grasp at the last possible second due to production issues, delaying it into February 2019. From the tracks released so far, it sounds like the Dutch symphonic metallers are back on top form, retaining their combination of sweeping melodies and epic metal sound. There appear to be a few changes on the horizon though, as there are some electronic elements sneaking into the music a lot more prominently, and these only help compliment the overall mood. It also seems to be their heaviest material yet, with some pretty bulky, gritty riffs. It’s all shaping up to be a fantastic evolution of their style. The band have once again gone with the direction of a concept album, which excites me even more, as I found their fifth studio album, The Unforgiving, extremely compelling, and their best work. They proved they could make a strong, coherent concept back then, so I’m confident that they can harness that energy here. There’s even rumours that there will be a film of some sort to coincide with the release of the record, although it’s not known how it’ll be presented (if it turns out to be true, of course.) The extended wait may only just be another month or so, but it feels agonisingly longer.