Last year, Vogon Poetry treated us to a new album, Life, The Universe and Everything. If it wasn’t clear by the title, it was a love letter to all things science fiction, referencing and inspired by various books and films of the genre. It achieved this without feeling cheesy, whilst also feeling extremely unique, and was a fantastic record to listen to. Opener “The Upside Down” is heavily inspired by the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, to the point where it feels like it could be part of the soundtrack, although the band’s clear identity shines through. It’s a pretty striking opening song, rich in atmosphere. The EP focuses on this track, and showcases remixes from other artists, for their take on it.

The “Maschine Brennt Remix” gives the track a space-like synth-pop edge. The tempo has been sped up significantly for a very danceable beat. Deep pulsing bass is prominent in the background, making it all the more enticing. Meanwhile, the “Glenn Main Remix” utilises layers of different melodies to generate a mesmerising atmosphere. It feels like a more like a relaxed version of the track. The synths in the “Lobtec Remix” have a dramatic effect to them, and the melody that plays faintly in the background has a eerie air to it. It’s very minimalistic in presentation at first, transforming with a more upbeat rhythm later on. The intro to the “Eurotix Remix” is beautiful, leading to a hypnotic combination of electro soundscapes. It feels like there’s a lot going on, and it is very easy to get lost in this re-imagining of the song.

The EP ends with a couple of additional remixes of “Spacewalk”, a track that was originally very atmospheric, having an 80’s vibe to it. The “Nature of Wires Remix” provides a pounding drumbeat and intense melody that really beefs things up. It feels unrelenting all the way through, and is a danceable anthem in it’s own right. The “side order remix” has a nice sense of pacing to it. It generates a lively mood, with a catchy rhythm and some unpredictable hooks.

Here, each [artist] has branded these pieces of music with their own identity, whilst not losing the essence of what made the originals so fantastic to listen to.

I always find it fascinating to hear alternate versions of tracks, especially if they’re remixed by other artists. Here, each one has branded these pieces of music with their own identity, whilst not losing the essence of what made the originals so fantastic to listen to. It gives the songs a new edge, and makes listening to them feel like exploring them from anew. Also, as a bonus, the original track is available in music video form when ordered from the Vogon Poetry BandCamp page, an excellent little extra!

FINAL VERDICT: An EP containing fantastic remixes of two great tracks, that give them a new identity, whilst keeping true to the essence of the originals

The The Upside Down EP can be purchased at the Vogon Poetry BandCamp page here: