I had never been to Lancaster before. At first glance, it seems like a small, quaint city. There’s some stunning picturesque locations, and a lot of history to be explored, such as the castle that has a prominent presence. Whilst during the night it seems quite lively, it feels like the last place where there’d be an epic club night that offered alternative dance and hard beats to rave away to. Yet last Saturday, I found myself venturing there for that exact reason. The venue in question; Yorkshire Taps, and the event; Ritual Noise. The event itself has run semi-regularly over the course of the past few years, some of which have featured great line-ups of live acts. This night was no exception, treating us to performances from Kojin, Promenade Cinema and Lancaster’s very own Cyferdyne.

Kojin‘s chiptune style was a great way to start the night. At first, it had an extremely atmospheric feel, with some decent beats, to get the crowd in the right mood. As the set progressed, the tracks got heavier and beats got harder. When it reached (the appropriately titled) “Rage”, the beats really dropped, which was enough to get things kicking into life, and a definite highlight of the set. As someone who was hearing his material for the first time, I was extremely impressed.

For those of you that are regular readers of this blog, Promenade Cinema should be very familiar to you, as they’re a duo I’ve seen live quite frequently in recent months. No matter how many times I see them, they never cease to amaze me, and this performance did not disappoint. Their trademark Cinedramatic Synthpop sound was as ethereal as ever, creating a stunning mood. Tracks like “Spotlight” went down an absolute treat, whilst their cover of “The Power of Love”, originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, was absolutely captivating. (Oh, and the latter is available for free on their BandCamp page, so there’s no excuse to not have it in your collection!) It’s always clear that they’re giving 110% each time they take to the stage, and I can honestly see big things for them in their future.

Finally, Cyferdyne took to the stage, and they pretty much blew the roof off! It started with a brand-new track, which sounds like a belter, although it didn’t have lyrics yet (meaning the new album may be some way off.) Even so, it got the adrenaline pumping, and the intensity lasted throughout the entirety of the set. There were storming performances of tracks such as “Epsilon Prime” and “Glass”, the latter of which was fantastic to be present for. The banter was as strong as usual too, with the band having a great presence and fun attitude. You could tell that they were loving every second of it as much as the crowd were. This was the first time I’d seen them in a very long while, and they still definitely had it. Everything was on-point, and it may very well be the best show I’ve ever seen them do.

Fortunately, the night didn’t end there, as the after-party got into full swing with DJ McBain and DJ Mythoz providing the music. What ensued was one of the most energetic, lively club nights I have been to in a fair while! The set ranged from Industrial, to Trance to Hardstyle, and pretty much everything between, the tunes flowing flawlessly. It was difficult to stop moving, and the 2 hours in which it lasted flew by in the blink on an eye. Nights like this are few and far between, so it was an absolute pleasure to be there. I’m very sure I’ll be back, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone that loves their hard/alternative dance!