Vogon Poetry have been rather busy recently. A year ago they released their third album, Life, The Universe and Everything, followed by The Upside Down EP in February. After only a three month gap, it seems like the Swedish trio are gearing up for their next record, and this EP, Exposed Thoughts, is the first glimpse into the future. As usual, there’s a science-fiction feel to the music, but this time round the references have been toned down, resulting in something that’s bit different.

The centrepiece of the EP, “Exposed Thoughts”, starts off with a calming melody, and distant robotic voices. This leads to a simple beat that is extremely catchy. As the track progresses, it develops over time, evolving with extra layers of synths. Yet it still has a minimalistic feel to it, and is quite laid back in tone. The main takeaway here is that it’s more akin to pop music than their previous material, but this works extremely well alongside their usual sound, and it doesn’t deviate too drastically. There’s a summer vibe to the song, which is perfect, considering it’s been released in time for the summer season!

Accompanying the song are 7 alternate takes of the track, the first being the “Electric City Cowboys” remix. The electro elements have been turned up a lot more here, and has a very old-school feel to it, channelling that of 90’s dance. Meanwhile the “Modiga Agenter” remix utilises a deeper bassline and slower pace, alongside piano. Essentially, this transforms the song into a ballad, that will get you reaching for your lighter! The “Glas” remix has an 80’s feel to it with an enticing piano melody, whilst the “Saft” remix is a continuation of this style. At times the latter feels very reminiscent of And One. The synths in the “Uncreated” remix are euphoric, really holding this version together, alongside a pounding, addictive rhythm. The 80’s influences make a comeback in the “Kei Kohara” remix, with some of the sounds having a pleasing fairytale feeling aura to them. This is accompanied by chugging guitar-like sounds, making it extremely energetic. The “We The North” remix has a style that is very dark electro in mood. It has a decent pace to it and is a great way to finish the proceedings. Each of the remixes are great in their own ways, and are excellent alternatives.

With a strong track, and some great remixes, they’ve kicked-off their next album cycle with a bang.

It’s good to see bands and artists that are keen to continue making new music, and Vogon Poetry show no signs of slowing down. With a strong track, and some great remixes, they’ve kicked-off their next album cycle with a bang. It has me intrigued to hear more, especially with some of the more pop elements contained within the title track of the EP. It’s good that they haven’t strayed too far though, and I’m hoping to hear more science-fiction references on their next outing. Either way, things are looking positive!

Final Verdict: A strong start to Vogon Poetry’s next album cycle. This EP presents us with a catchy track that captures a summer feel, alongside some great remixes that interpret it in interesting styles. The future looks bright!