There appears to be no stopping Vogon Poetry’s momentum at the moment. It’s not been too long since their previous EP, and now they’ve returned with yet another! This time, on Further Exposed, the sci-fi synthpop Swedes have given us a few new remixes, as well as a live recording.

Intro track “Exposed Thoughts” might seem very familiar. That would be because it’s taken from the previous EP of the same name. Needless to say, it’s still a fantastic song that captures an upbeat, lively essence. The “Machine Brennt remix” of the same track starts off more minimal than it lets on to be. There’s a light atmosphere at first, before the sudden entrance of an addictive rhythm, containing some funky deep, bassy tones. The vocals have been completely distorted, to the point where they sound like a robot echoing through space. This is an interesting addition, as it gives the track otherworldly properties. We are treated to a beautiful orchestral arrangement in the “Nature Of Wires remix”, which comes completely unexpectedly, and has a pretty stunning mood to it. This seamlessly transitions into space-like synths, backed by a massive sounding drumbeat, creating a euphoric and vibrant feel. It keeps switching between these two styles, the results working surprisingly well. The “Tomorrow (Glenn Main remix)” was already featured as an extra track on Vogon Poetry’s most recent album Life, The Universe and Everything. This is a remix that transforms the song into a synthpop dance-floor anthem, packed with mesmerising beats and rhythm. Further Exposed ends with a live rendition of “In Darkness Lost Again”, recorded in London in 2008, and taken from their 2014 album, Don’t Panic. The track itself has more dramatic qualities, being much slower-paced, making it the perfect choice as a closer. The recording is of excellent quality too, and it’s easy to get lost in the atmosphere. If the listener were to close their eyes, I’m quite sure that it would feel as if they were there.

It could be easy to complain about this release. After all, the first track, as well as one of the remixes, have been on former Vogon Poetry releases, meaning there’s only three tracks that are new. However, that would be missing the point completely. This EP is honestly worth it for the remixes alone, as they are fantastic renditions of “Exposed Thoughts”, taking it to unexpected, surprising places. These have been done by superb artists too! It’s great to hear a live version of a song, and having not seen them live (yet), it gives an excellent impression of the atmosphere they generate when on stage. At the minimum ask of €1.50, it’s pretty much a steal too, as that’s nothing compared to some EPs or singles that ask for more, but give you much less.

Final Verdict: It may seem light on content, but don’t be dissuaded, as Further Exposed contains some superb remixes, and a fantastic live rendition of one of their classics, all at a bargain price!