Gothic Rock duo, Unquiet Dead, are set to unleash their second album, Anima Ignis, this October. In the lead up to it’s release, they have launched a single in the form of “Ash”, along with a video to accompany it.

The track opens with a pounding drumbeat, accompanied by sleazy riffs. This is then broken by an ethereal vocal harmony, before the pace really ramps up. The song is catchy as hell, having a pleasing energetic feel to it, whilst still remaining dark and moody at it’s core. There’s very old-school goth properties to it, yet it’s all contextualised in a modern style. Think if The Sisters of Mercy and Queens of the Stone Age were put into a blender (the songs, not the actual bands, you heathens), and this would pretty much be the result. They do claim themselves to have electro elements, and whilst there are some electronic effects and hints of synths added in for good measure, the song is mainly guitar-driven. This is not a bad thing, of course, because when the hooks and solos are this good, it’d be hard to focus on any other instruments. Jason Kahl has done an excellent job in this department, and it helps capture the dark essence the song is going for. I feel that the combination used is perfect, anything more would probably be too overbearing. This is all topped off with Lora Maze’s amazing vocal delivery. The slight hint of melancholy in her tone gives her vocals a haunting feel, yet it somehow feels powerful at the same time.

As for the video, its was pitched to me as ‘Poison, latex and a Death Proof car – what isn’t there to love?’, and that pretty much sums it up! It’s a bit weird, slightly twisted, and you can tell they had fun making it! The black-and-white presentation, complete with a damaged film effect, suits the tone of the track perfectly. At times, it’s captures a very Grindhouse feel. You can check the video out below.

I shall indeed be keeping a keen eye on this duo, and I look forward to hearing more when the ablum releases on 18th October!