Solo artist Amy Griffiths has made waves with her darkwave music project, Still Forever. Having debuted at Foundations Festival last year, she has presented her own take on the genre to audiences, having also recently supported the likes of Zanais and God Module in Manchester. Beautiful Impossible is the second single taken from her forthcoming second album, Holocene Shift, and judging by the range of tracks presented here, it’s sounding extremely promising! The song itself has already become a highlight at live shows (which I can personally attest to), and has been described as a track about taking chances, letting go of trauma, and the rediscovery of living and love.


“Beautiful Impossible” begins with a deep catchy bassline, which feels very reminiscent of old school darkwave, backed by simple percussion that is slightly dark and moody in it’s undertones. This allows multiple layers to be built upon the track, as it goes through it’s intriguing evolution. The overlaying, echoey vocals have a very schizophrenic mood to them, whilst creating an ethereal atmosphere that is bound to draw listeners in. It only becomes more mystical as electronic melodies bleed in, as if floating within a mesmerising void in another plane of existence. Additional aura towards the end continues to entice, with space-like soundwaves. The “Beine remix” of the track (by Reading’s Beineheleidenshaftgegenstand) somehow feels slower, but no less gripping. Here, the ambience is utilised and crafted differently, so that it creates a completely alternate mood. At times, it’s almost sci-fi in nature, and I couldn’t help but get some eerie vibes off it at times. Next up is another remix provided by St Lucifer, this time of “I’d Miss The Stars” (the original track will also feature on the upcoming album.) This one starts with pulsing synths, before kicking into gear with some catchy hooks. The way in which the vocals have been mixed are strange in a wonderful way, the distorted, staggered nature of them giving the track an exotic tone. This one has a lot of energy to it, but also manages to stay mellow in tone due to it’s hypnotic properties. Closing off the EP is “191 Days Since We Met (and a Lifetime to Forget)”, which is an instrumental piece. Being heavily electronic in it’s presentation, it has some hints of synthpop hidden within, but doesn’t stray too far from the core sound that is present throughout the rest of the EP. The structure feels exquisite, bringing things to a dramatic close.

The atmosphere throughout is beautifully haunting, and it captures an essence that is instantly recognisable.

Listening to these tracks is an experience in themselves. The atmosphere throughout is beautifully haunting, and it captures an essence that is instantly recognisable. It’s guaranteed to draw listeners in with it’s rich atmosphere, and moody darkwave tones. This is all backed up by deep and meaningful lyrics that feel extremely relatable. Within just four songs, a lot of promise is shown, and it makes me excited to hear what more Still Forever has to offer.

Final Verdict: Beautiful Impossible shows strong promise for the forthcoming album. Dark and hauntingly beautiful, these tracks are guaranteed to draw listeners in with their mesmerising tones