We now reach part two of three in Bitman’s latest EP trilogy, Death By Cheese (which, to be honest, sounds like a great way to go out!) After the strong basis set by Eight Eight The Burning Hate, how does this chapter fare?

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“Death By Cheese” begins with a droning rhythm, as a softer, atmospheric melody builds into what I can only describe sounds like a chaotic videogame carnival. This one is loud, has a wacky, slightly twisted feel to it, and there’s a hint of folk music in it’s underlying themes. I can picture various videogame mascots morris dancing in neon-drenched outfits (and I now can’t get that hilarious image out of my head.) There’s parts towards the end that have apocalyptic vibes, with groovy guitar riffs added in for good measure. “Don’t Put Vegatables In Your Bottom” is sound advice, and is also another excellent track. It has a strong wubbing bassline that is incredibly catchy, that I guarantee will get stuck in your head. It’s a definite earworm. A frenetic melody somehow works perfectly alongside the slower bassy tones, and there’s some great use of guitar-work here. The bizarre lyrics are what complete this song, as if it were some sort of PSA for eating your five a day (and there’s a stubble homage to “Pashed Motato” in there too.) I found myself chuckling at how wonderfully crazy this all is. The intro to “Nerdcore CabJazz” is quite strange. A jazz ensemble plays in the distance, whilst the activity within a train station takes prominence in the foreground, as there’s an exchange between two characters. The jazz elements soon creep into the foreground, accompanied by some wicked 8 bit tuneage. The way in which these completely different genres work hand-in-hand is superb, and it only gets better as drum n bass and hard electro gets thrown in. This could honestly be a genre of it’s own, and I’d happily listen to an album full of tracks like this! Closer “Stunnin” attacks from out of nowhere. Extremely harsh, gritty electro sounds completely contrast the calmness of the previous song, cutting through like a chainsaw. Some slick rapping works perfectly in tandem, and it adds to the aggressive feel of the music. The glitch-laden landscape presented here is simultaneously unrelenting and hypnotic.

It creates the element of surprise on first listen, and helps to highlight how genre defying Bitman’s music truly is.

It doesn’t have the same flow as the previous EP, but this one still keeps things rolling smoothly by the sudden introduction of each track. It creates the element of surprise on first listen, and helps to highlight how genre defying Bitman’s music truly is. Plus there’s even more genres that have crept in, making this an even more diverse experience. Death By Cheese feels like the eccentric, wacky brother of the family, and it’s so much fun!

Final Verdict: Eccentric and wacky, this journey into madness is a fantastic one! The elements in Death By Cheese are utilised in many fun ways, that guarantee an enjoyable listening experience.