Corporation, Sheffield, a venue that should be pretty well known within the Industrial scene. For those of you that don’t know, it’s the birthplace of the legendary Resistanz Festival (due for it’s resurgence next year), although it’s roots go back even further than that. Last weekend (at the time of writing) was the 10th anniversary of resident club-night, RevolutioN, the very club-night that spawned Resistanz. To celebrate the landmark occasion, they hosted a trio of great acts, which made for one heck of a party!

First up, all the way from Mexico, were C-Lekktor, who were no strangers to Corporation, having played previously at Resistanz 2013. Needless to say, their harsh style of aggrotech was the perfect way to get things going. Their music generated high levels of energy, that set the tone and atmosphere for the rest of the evening. Even at this early stage, they had members of the audience flocking to the dancefloor, stomping to the gritty rhythms and hard beats.

Next up, CygnosiC took to the stage, and kept the momentum well and truly alive. Taking their sound from a range of influences, it had a melodic touch contrasted by guttural vocals, all whilst maintaining a dark atmosphere. This was enough to make the mood entrancing, as they enthusiastically blasted through their set. It’s no surprise they were in high spirits, considering they were performing right of the back of the release of their latest record, Epiphany. The newer tracks went down extremely well too!

Even though I had only seen them back in February at Ritual Noise, they’ve grown by leaps and bounds!

Cyferdyne were the main act on this occasion, and were an excellent choice of headliner, as they absolutely nailed their set! From start to finish, they stormed through old and new-school bangers, all whilst managing to fit in the usual banter with the audience. They were clearly having a fantastic time, and it seems that this carried into the crowd, judging by the number of bodies on the dancefloor. It was packed-out, and everyone was moving. Who could blame them with all the catchy hooks, the additional guitar licks that were snuck in amplifying the power of the electro soundwaves. “Breathe Deeper” from the upcoming album made another appearance in it’s final form, the extra time it’s had in gestation only making it all the more of an anthem. They also took the opportunity to play another brand-new song (the name of which escapes me, sorry) and the sheer force of it, in combination with it’s emotional depth, was absolutely captivating. Prior to playing it, they stated that ‘this is probably the best song we’ve ever written’, and I’m inclined to agree. Even though I had only seen them back in February at Ritual Noise, they’ve grown by leaps and bounds! The wait for the new album has been a long one, but if this show was anything to go by, then it’s definitely going to be well worth the wait.

Of course, the night wasn’t over yet, there was still after-partying to do! During the last few hours, we had the pleasure of dancing to fantastic tunes, provided by the likes of DJ’s Markko, Jamie and L8N, all covering the wide spectrum of the alternative electro scene.

It’s actually quite remarkable that RevolutioN is still going after all this time. After all, an Industrial club-night with such a long lifespan is practically, and sadly, almost unheard of here in the UK. However, it’s very clear to see why, as it still maintains a vibrant atmosphere, sparks the interest of lively clientele (who are just as vibrant) and plays a range of superb music. Plus it’s able to pull-together great lineups for excellent live events such as this one. Happy Birthday RevolutioN, and here’s to the next decade!