Philadelphia-based dark electronic project Krebs, created by Michael Haggerty, has recently released a new single, in the form of “The Uncanny Parallel”. Driven by multiple influences from across the alternative music scene, his music is an amalgam of the dark, spooky and heavy.

Krebs Live 1

A slow chugging electronic melody signals the start of the song. There’s an air of sexiness to it in a amongst the dark tones, very akin to Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer” (a track that’s probably forever doomed to become the benchmark for this direction.) However, unlike other pieces of music that emulate it, “The Uncanny Parallel” takes an entirely different and unpredictable path. It transitions into a more ethereal mood, before exploding into something that feels dark and slightly twisted. It maintains a spooky nature throughout it’s runtime, switching between these changes in character, making it flow and evolve in an organic way. This embeds the overall sound in a rich, gothic atmosphere, combined with catchy hooks, which is bound to draw listeners in. In terms of vocals, I feel Haggerty’s approach is very akin to the likes of Ryan Shuck (Julien-K, Orgy), and is well suited to the music. The slight melancholy manner of his style compliments the darkness within the track, enhancing the vibe it generates.

Overall, “The Uncanny Parallel” is a great track, and is worthy of anyone’s collection, especially for those that love their dark electronic music. The single can be purchased, via Kreb’s official BandCamp page, right here;