Science fiction inspired synthpop group Vogon Poetry continue to unleash music at a surprising pace. Just last August, EoE reviewed their Further Exposed EP, and here we are only into the second month of 2020 with yet another on the horizon – Changelings. At this rate they’ll have another full album out before we know it! This time round, the focus is on a single track “Changes”, along with the plethora of remixes of the song.

“Changes” still manages to capture the sci-fi tone of their previous material, yet those elements feel a lot more subtle in comparison to everything that surrounds it. It’s not that this atmosphere gets lost, the approach here is obviously purposeful, lending itself to a more ballad-like style. The intro section calmly rolls in, the soft, otherworldly bleeps creating a soothing tone, intersected by interventions of piano notes. Slowly but surely, the electronic layers creep into the mix, leading into a chorus laden with rich textures. The arrangements here are gorgeous, complimenting the emotional depth behind the lyrics. It’s mesmerising, as if floating within an expansive, dream-like landscape.


In terms of remixes, the first is the “Glenn Main Remix.” The tones here sound almost acoustic in nature. However, this is a red herring, as it transforms into a tune that sounds straight from the 80’s. This version is gloriously retro, the only thing missing is a saxophone solo! Meanwhile, the “side order Remix” really gets the adrenaline flowing. It brings electro into full focus, with some high-octane synths and hypnotic melodies. This is the definite club rendition of the song. In complete contrast, the “Diskodiktator Remix” takes a much more minimal approach. If Kraftwerk made more light-hearted music, this is what it would sound like. The “Ich Remix” is a pretty straightforward affair, but is still quite pleasing, having a 90’s dance aesthetic, accompanied by a chunky chorus thrown in for good measure. Things seem very reminiscent of the original at first in the “Erotic Elk Remix”, but it’s not too long before synths burst in. The mood is incredibly upbeat in this version, and an exotic rhythm makes for an interesting twist. The “Kei Kohara Remix” plays the EP out, and is the poppiest depiction of the original, having the cleanest production. It feels incredibly laid back, right up until a glitchy, chunky bassline bursts out of nowhere. This comes as a nice surprise, and a good change of pace.

It’s great to see them still embrace their science fiction inspirations, but giving the chance for new ideas and approaches to take the spotlight

“Changes” is a brilliant track, showing a fantastic level of depth, as well as an evolution in Vogon Poetry’s sound. In fact, listening to their other EPs over the past few months showcases a fascinating transition. It’s great to see them still embrace their science fiction inspirations, but giving the chance for new ideas and approaches to take the spotlight in the same measure. The remixes show an excellent range too, each one brining something different to the table. It’s perhaps overwhelming to listen to them all consecutively in one sitting, but they are worth the listen. My personal highlights would have to be the “Side Order Remix” and the “Erotic Elk Remix”, as they really up the ante in terms of pace. However, the range is so eclectic, that there’s a little bit of something here for everyone!

Final Verdict: An EP where the main feature is a fantastic synthpop ballad that feels like floating in a dream, which is accompanied by a plethora of great remixes. The latter are especially notable when they reach high-octane levels!

The single “Changes” releases on 14th February, with the remixes following on 28th February. Check out their BandCamp page here:

Track List:

  1. Changes (Original Version)
  2. Changes (Glenn Main Remix)
  3. Changes (side order Remix)
  4. Changes (Diskodiktator Remix)
  5. Changes (Ich Remix)
  6. Changes (Erotic Elk Remix)
  7. Changes (Kei Kohara Remix)