It’s felt like an age since London based electro-industrial aggrotech outfit Biomechanimal have released new material. It’s been a whole five years since their self-titled debut album, not that they’ve kept quiet this whole time. In fact they’ve been quite the opposite, making noise on stages across the globe, from their home city, all the way to the far reaches of Australia. With 2020 settling in we finally have a brand-new EP on the horizon in the form of Waves, a collaboration with fellow bass-head Mechanical Vein.

Biomechanimal slaying on-stage at EngineRooms, Southampton

In all honesty, the fact that these two artists have joined forces only makes sense. After all, Biomechanimal are known for their ferocious take on the concoction of electro industrial and harsh dance, which has gone down an absolute storm at live venues. Mechanical Vein’s style of music is very much in the same, erm… vein, capturing the energy and essence of modern EDM, but with the visceral twist of industrial hip-hop. The artistic vision of mastermind Keith Kamholz is notable for it’s political and anti-theistic themes, carving a path globally – from London, to San Francisco and Burning Man festival, amongst smaller cities.  They’re also bandmates, which makes this collab even more of a no-brainer! It’s the perfect combo to bring us a brutal crescendo, one that explores the self-destructive side of creating art – taking inspiration from the London Industrial scene, EDM and… seagulls.

Keith Kamholz of Mechanical Vein brings the noise!

“Waves” makes it’s introduction with dirty, rumbling bass, quickly bursting into an assault of harsh electro beats and gritty melodies, complete with distorted feedback. The vocal delivery here is slick as hell too, flowing fluidly within the moody atmosphere, maintaining the sense of aggression. Yet it’s fuelled with adrenaline, thanks to the sharp industrial edge being complimented by EDM tones. It puts this front and centre, capturing an inspiration from something more mainstream, whilst infecting it with a dark, twisted core (in the best way possible, of course!) This is pushed even further, because after the drop it erupts into a massive, chaotic chorus, the merciless sounds impacting from all angles, as Biomechanimal frontman Matt Simpson delivers guttural growls. This is a moment with so much force, that I’m sure it’ll get packed-out venues moving to the sheer intensity of it. The Sinister Souls remix somehow ups the ante in terms of pace, with some of the effects being so explosive, it can be slightly intimidating. Then, in a hail of digital gunfire, it transforms into a Drum ‘n’ Bass track, and a real edgy one at that. At times it’s brutal! Closing off the EP is a remix from industrial heavyweights Grendel. It starts off atmospheric and otherworldly, creating a much more sombre feel. Before long, it picks up as heavy, chugging metal riffs accompany old-school electro melodies. It gets pretty anarchic, feeling like three genres mashed into one song. At times it’s got an almost hip-hop beat, next it becomes industrial metal, transitioning into an almost black metal breakdown. It’s a bit erratic, but an interesting experiment nevertheless.

“Waves” doesn’t just burst with brutality, it fucking brings it!

In a single track alone, these artists have proven that they’re a force to be reckoned with. “Waves” doesn’t just burst with brutality, it fucking brings it! Ultimately, it makes for an incredibly addictive tune that packs one hell of a punch, and it has me eager to hear what else they can conjure up. The fact that we have two remixes here is a nice bonus too, the Sinister Souls adaptation of the track being the one that stands out the most. If you like your electronic beats dark and heavy, with catchy-hooks, then this one is definitely for you. I remember various artists claiming that dubstep was the ‘metal’ of electronic music. Well, if that’s still the case, and is heavy enough to be considered ‘metal’, then I’d argue that aggrotech is the black metal of electronic music. Waves is proof of this.

Final Verdict: An EP that boasts a killer collab, and a couple of great remixes. The duo of Biomechanimal and Mechanical Vein are a force to be reckoned with!

Waves releases 21st February, via Hybrid Blak records.


  1. Waves
  2. Waves (Sinister Souls Remix)
  3. Waves (Grendel Remix)