Taking influences from pre and post-punk electro-pop artists (such as Kraftwerk, New Order and Depeche Mode), the duo of Steve Whitfield and Fabrice Nau have combined their efforts to collaborate on a new music venture, Scenius. With an aim to ‘make vintage synths and rhythm machines sound soulful and touching’, they are ready to unveil their debut single “Glass Rain.”

…it maintains a vibrancy throughout, as if walking in a dream

A simple yet catchy electronic melody gets “Glass Rain” rolling, as Nau’s vocals swoop in. This transition is smooth, his wistful approach suited to the cosmic undertones present within the track. It begins in minimalist form, slowly introducing various elements such as percussion and more bassy tones. Soon an energetic refrain bursts in, injecting further liveliness into the song, accompanied by harmonies that give off an otherworldly feel. Whilst it retains a minimal essence, it utilises different layers in interesting and intricate ways, perpetuating different moods. The pace and hooks give it addictive characteristics, at other moments things roll down to generate a more mesmerising atmosphere. Yet it maintains a vibrancy throughout, as if walking in a dream. There’s a blissful energy here, although this is contrasted by sombre themes, giving a lot for listeners to unpack.

Scenius Photo med

As far as first singles go, this is a strong start, and does indeed show a lot of promise. I can’t help but feel an amalgamation of classic electronic tunes of the 70’s/80’s and old-school 90’s rave when listening to this, and that’s definitely a good thing! There’s something surprisingly unique about their soulful approach to this style of music, that has me eager to hear more. There will be a lot more to come too, as “Glass Rain” will be followed up by a further three singles throughout spring and summer, leading up to the release of their album.

“Glass Rain” releases on 28th February, and can be pre-ordered here: https://Wiseband.lnk.to/Scenius-Glass-Rain