Only a few weeks after releasing their initial single “Glass Rain”, Scenius have already dropped a second track, “Wild & Wooly.” Whilst their first outing had some grim undertones, it retained a poppy feel for the most part. However, this track veers in a much darker direction, showcasing a different side of this duo.

The deep rumble of bass and harsh clattering drumbeat already sets the moodier tone that this track is going for, further enforced by an atmospheric, spooky melody. There’s a plethora of transitions here, including a particular melodic hook that becomes incredibly addicting. At times it certainly catches the retro synthpop style, albeit updated and interpreted in a more modern form. There are other moments that latch onto a grittier feel, and these elements in particular remind me very much of Nine Inch Nail’s Year Zero era material. It captures a desolate mood, one that is quite haunting.

It captures a desolate mood, one that is quite haunting.

Fabrice Nau’s vocal performance also serves to increase the depth of this track. Where in “Glass Rain” he sounded melancholic, on “Wild & Wooly” there’s much more of a longing in his voice. There’s a yearning to Nau’s delivery that is incredibly emotionally charged, which not only helps to create more of an impact, but also resonates beautifully alongside the instrumentation.

“Glass Rain” got Scenius off to a strong start, and “Wild & Wooly” continues this trend of quality music. When comparing this to their previous single, it shows that they can capture a completely different tone, whilst keeping their style incredibly consistent. Essentially, both songs are different sides of the same coin. In just two tracks, Scenius have shown an impressive emotional range, as well as musical depth. This is a duo to keep an eye on, especially if you’re a fan of electronic music.

“Wild & Wooly” can be purchased HERE, and check out the music video below!