It’s not even been five minutes since Within Temptation released their mighty seventh studio album Resist, and yet here they are with a new track, “Entertain You”. Granted, the record was delayed by a couple of months, but that would still make the gap less than two years! So, what has this new single got to offer?

First and foremost, “Entertain You” feels like a massive departure for the Dutch metallers, yet somehow has a familiarity to it at the same time. You may have noticed I didn’t add the ‘symphonic’ tag to their genre there, and this is because those elements are pretty much absent. Although somehow there are echoes of these aspects that remain, albeit subtly, and it does reach the same grandiose peaks listeners would still expect from them. The focus in this song is instead on heavy, distorted guitars, incredibly slick and addicting hooks, all carried by a sea of electronic layers. At times there’s the enchanting atmosphere from their earlier works, at others there’s a real kick to it, particularly the nimbly-paced chorus, and even has hints of trap music mixed within. The style certainly resonates well with Sharon Den Adel’s vocals, suiting her style, plus it’s a good contrast to hear male vocals interjected into the mix (feeling reminiscent of early 2000’s Nu-Metal.) Admittedly, there are the occasional hints of auto-tune here and there, but its usage isn’t too jarring, being utilised to enhance the electronic elements presented in the core sound, rather than to mask anything.

it does reach the same grandiose peaks listeners would still expect from them.

Within Temptation’s evolution only makes sense. They’ve been heading in a more electronic direction for some time now, so it’s prominence here isn’t that surprising, plus isn’t too out of place. That said, hardcore fans of the band’s symphonic era are probably going to feel let down by this, and whilst it’s a big change for Within Temptation themselves, it’s nothing revolutionary in the grand scheme of things. It may pack a punch, yet I can’t help but feel it could’ve been much more.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s bad by any means, it’s still enjoyable and had me nodding my head to the beat on first listen. However, in comparison, after my initial listen of “The Reckoning”, I had to collect my jaw from off the floor. I feel like that’s my major gripe with “Entertain You” – whilst it’s good, it doesn’t hold a candle to anything off Resist. A lead single is built to set expectations for what comes next, and what I’ve heard so far has me interested, but not excited. Their previous outing was not only one of my favourite records of last year, but also what I’d consider one of the best albums of their career (if not the best!) It was always going to be a difficult act to follow, and whatever their next album cycle brings, it has big shoes to fill. Hopefully what does come next leaves a stronger impression.

Listen to “Entertain You” for yourself below!