Oh damn, it’s been ages since Cyferdyne have released any new material, but when the electro-industrial outfit do so, they make sure the tunes are absolute belters! This is very much the case with newly unleashed track “Breathe Deeper”.

It’s difficult for me to be taken by surprise by this song, but only because of the gestation time their upcoming third record has been in. This has meant that I’ve already heard it live during some of their more recent shows, although considering the energy that’s packed in here, it’s a very wise choice as lead single for the upcoming record.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is instant dance-floor filling gratification at it’s finest

“Breathe Deeper” wastes no time with introductions, as a sombre melody leads straight into frontman Steve Robinson’s vocals. This track has what I’d consider his strongest delivery yet, and the emotion can be felt within the conviction of his voice. The pace hastens as the beat settles in and the layers continue to build. When it drops, it’s an epic whirlwind of gripping electronic melodies, reaching euphoric levels of powerful intensity. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is instant dance-floor filling gratification at it’s finest (which genuinely had me dancing round my living room, even on first listen!) What’s more pleasing is the addition of guitar, which isn’t usually as prominent within this style of music. However, it’s inclusion is masterful here, slotting in seamlessly, and working harmoniously alongside the flurry of space-like electronics surrounding it. Granted, “Breathe Deeper” doesn’t tread new ground, but it doesn’t need to. Besides, with hooks this mesmerising, it’s enough to keep anyone captivated, becoming an ear-worm in the blink of an eye. It’s 100% unmistakably Cyferdyne at their very best!


So whilst the studio version of this track hasn’t taken me by surprise, it’s made me appreciate the song more – which I didn’t think was possible, considering the love I already had for it. To hear an official studio recording is fantastic too, as all the subtle little details help bring this track to completion, breathing new life into it (no pun intended.) On that note, hopefully the journey to Cyferdyne’s next album is complete soon as well. This may have whetted our appetites for the time being, but after such a strong release, I can already feel the hype train rolling into high gear…

The Breathe Deeper single releases on 5th June, via Digital World Audio, and is available for pre-order at their BandCamp page. Also, check out the track for yourself below!