Straight from London’s electronic underground arrives another new single from Biomechanimal, in the lead up to their forthcoming second album. After the stormingly strong collaboration with Mechanical Vein on previous outing “Waves”, the reins are once again in the hands of Matt Simpson for “Haksal”. The resulting outcome is a track that packs a familiar tone in terms of hard-hitting beats, whilst also taking a contrasting path, making it feel like a different beast.

From the Akira inspired cover art, to the sonic qualities of the song itself, there is a cyberpunk aesthetic that can be felt throughout, laden with hints of far eastern culture. It’s a mood that inspires visions of towering, futuristic cities, the twilight landscape drenched in a neon glow (plus I find it reminiscent of Michael McCann’s work on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack, having completed the game again recently.) Then, in standard Biomechanimal flair, the calm aura is shattered, as the bass drops, rumbling with the force of an earthquake, the gritty, grinding electro rhythm contorting in its wake. It’s pure violent energy that traverses an impressive range of genres – from EDM, to industrial, tinges of drum n bass and beyond! It may feel a bit short, but it’s still impressive, bursting with energy and atmosphere that will have listeners hooked. This is one that will definitely be going on repeat in listening sessions.

The single release also contains two remixes of the song, the first from electronic noise veteran Electronic Substance Abuse (ESA.) This rendition has a droning rhythm that feels like it’s being fueled by the power of a demonic engine. It comes off as menacing, yet enticing – converting this song into a gloriously dark conglomeration of rhythmic industrial noise. This very much has ESA’s stamp all over it, working wonders in parallel to the content of the original. The second remix is provided by up-and-coming industrial bass producer Social Kid, which again transforms the proceedings dramatically. Here the track has been altered into a distorted club style hit, complete with moments of trap and house. This may sound world’s apart from the original, yet this is achieved in such a way that doesn’t loose that essence, whilst bringing a fresh take in equal measure.

Biomechanimal have once again created a monster, and it’s glorious! The contrasts of serene calm ambience with sharp, earth-shaking brutality, as well as mashing together a fine selection of genres, shows a fantastic spectrum. The calm before the storm is engaging in it’s own right, but also makes the harder moments gain even more impact, to stupefying effect. Top this off with a couple of superb remixes, each that bring something unique to the table, and we have ourselves a winner. With yet another excellent single under their belt, Biomechanimal’s second outing is shaping up to be very promising, indeed!